BRCA LSOR Round 4 Ebberston RC Track Race Report

Large Scale Off Road

Ebberston Rc Track Round 4 BRCA LSOR national race report is here


Wow! Where to start with this one? What an awesome track and epic weekend of racing!


From the minute people arrived there was a sense of excitement and maybe even a few nerves looking at the largest straight we have raced at a BRCA national event! The mixture of dirt and grass gave some interesting set up choices and tyre choice made all the difference. With the majority of the track around 80% being dirt and 20% grass it was an interesting one to get to grips with. We were lucky all weekend with beautiful whether and stunning views!

Practice was great and as this round had slightly fewer drivers it was extended which gave all racers a great chance to get as much practice in on a track that was unfamiliar to them. When practice was in full swing, the dust started to pick up and this made it more interesting.

Drivers briefing was short and sweet with everyone eager to get qualifying. 

Onto the qualifying and wow it was an experience! With all cars out on track it was like a mini dust storm which made it so much fun racing, trying to keep track of your car made it super tough but a great challenge. Marshalling required glasses for sure, with racers coming off with some dust tans.

The short course and 4WD seemed to have better traction on the dirt and for the 2WD it looked slightly more tricky but looked awesome fun. Track times were definitely not to keep track of as it was much more consistency that way key. Qualifier 1 was finished and racers were kept busy servicing their cars as the dust settled in all sorts of places. Beautiful sunset, great fire and laughs.

Sunday means raceday! Early start with people prepared for a busy days racing. Qualifiers 2 and 3 flew by and with the final listings up it was the Short course 1/8th final first before lunch. There was just 6 racers in this final with 3 bumping up into the next final. The three bump ups were Neil Clark, Craig McGinnis and Gaz Wilding.

Lunch break over and back to the finals. Short course ¼ final. This was a fast paced final with some good battles and the mother and son duo, Heidi and Alfie Shilcock racing for the bump ups to the ½ final. Unfortunately, Alfie’s truck gave up with some dust in the carb, but he raced his heart out in the tricky heat and dusty conditions. The three bump ups were Andy Spence, John Bell and Paul Gresty.

Another short break and back to the Short course next up the ½ final. This was a super race and our junior racer Kian Williams stole the show. He had an awesome battle with David Clethro and the pair were fighting for that 3rd place to bump up. It was a dash to the finish line and Kian just pipped David to finish third and make his first ever Main Final! The three bump ups were Simon Godney, Josey Schifano and Kian Williams.

            Straight onto the main final for 2WD     

As there were just 12 – 2WD racers it was the main final so all to play for to get the points. Oliver and Zach Whittleston brothers out racing together and everyone looked like they were having a lot of fun including some sideways driving! Great battles all race from the front of the pack right to the back. Karl Norris finishing 1st, Mark Higgins 2nd and Darren Smith 3rd.


Next up 4WD final and only 7 drivers in this one so it was going to be fast paced! The 4WD buggies were flying around the track all looking settled and absolutely storming up the steep inclines and sending it flat out down the main straight, with the fastest lap being set by Dave Parish with a 48.917 and Dave finishing 1st, Craig Orman 2nd and Robin Rymer 3rd.  Dave Ashton had an unlucky race finishing on lap 8.


Lastly. The Short course main final. Another family in this group but this time a trio with Martyn Williams, his fiancé Sophie Finch and son Kian Williams. With a slow start due to 10 minutes called with electrical issues followed by a pull start change, which meant Martyn now starting behind his son Kian! Everyone got off to a fantastic start and with a 30 minute final in the heat and dust it was interesting to see how long the fuel in the trucks would last. Some unlucky breakdowns and an engine failure for Sophie, non finish for Simon Godney and Josey Schifano finishing on lap 27 this only left 8 racers and Kian finished 6th overall! Paul Wadman raced a blinder on his home track finishing 3rd, Taylor Letchford 2nd and Ian Oddie 1st.



1st Karl Norris

2nd Mark Higgins

3rd Darren Smith

2WD: Juniors

1st Oliver Whittleston

2nd Zach Whittleston


1st Dave Parish

2nd Craig Orman

3rd Robin Rymer


1st Ian Oddie

2nd Taylor Letchford

3rd Paul Wadman 


1st Kian Williams

2nd Alfie-Jack Shilcock 

3rd Harrison Holford


 Team TLR                Ross Bruce - 2nd place Clubman

What a cracking weekend and an epic old school dirt track! Thank you to Richard Smith and all for the experience! See you all in a weeks time for Round 5 National at North ings!