BRCA LSOR Round 5 North Ings Raceway Race Report

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BRCA LSOR Round 5 LSOR race report is here...


North Ings Race report – Round 5 BRCA LSOR national.

North Ings was looking great and the racers were raring to go! Saturday morning open practice was 10am – 3pm and we were lucky again with the weather for most of the day. Ian Oddie was the first out on track with his Euros Losi 5T, testing the layout and grip levels with the new Astro. Was great to watch the master show us how its done! North Ings is another track with a crazy long straight leading onto a small chicane which is testing as there are some tyres to avoid! The tyres were eventually fixed using some sand which meant drivers had to be very careful to avoid hitting these. There was a fair bit of sand on the track from the new Astro so this did make it a bit slippery especially for the 2WD, this meant its took great skill to keep the racing line and this was going to be fun for the weekend!

All the drivers gathered for the drivers briefing. This weekend we had 12 2WD drivers, 14 in 4WD and 31 in short course. Qualifying started with the Short course groups out first one after another. The sand was as we thought a bit slippery which did mean some side ways driving whilst the drivers got used the grip levels. Next to do their first qualifier was the 4WD. There were two groups for the 4WD and like the short courses, it was a challenge to keep to the racing line and avoid the sand. Last qualifier of the day was the 2WD. By this point some of the sand had moved so there was a clearer line although the piping around made things interesting across all classes as once you got stuck on top of the piping, you were stuck until marshalled. Top tip of the weekend…. Don’t get stuck on the piping!

Fixing time 

We did see a little bit of rain during qualifying and this made it more fun.

Day one over and time to relax and enjoy the stunning surroundings and sunset.

Sunday means only one thing…. RACEDAY!!! The rest of the qualifiers had finished and the finals were about to get started. There were clouds in the distance and we were anticipating if the rain would be in our final, there were a few stacks of tyres in the pits ready for some Formula one style pit stops to get the best grip! The 1/8th final took place before lunch and one of our juniors Harrison Holford had to call 10 minutes to finish a rear diff repair. Ready to go and it was race time. There was some contact at the start but most of the cars got away cleanly. The final had some very close racing and Wally Oates ran away with 1st place being a lap up with a best lap time of 41.060. 2nd place was Evan Sexton finishing on 13 laps, 3rd place was Luke Milne closely followed by Craig McGinnis who almost bumped up. Wally 1st, Evan 2nd and Luke 3rd were the top three to bump into the next final.

Lunch break over and straight back to short course with the ¼ final.

The ¼ final was definitely one to remember! It was awesome to see another one of our juniors Evan Sexton having a battle with Luke Milne 7 minutes in battling for 7th place. Some very clean driving and courteous. We also saw Kevin Sexton catching Del Long and Wally chasing down Simon Godney who was currently sitting in 3rd. again it was top three that bumped up so the drivers were really pushing! Unfortunate break down for Gaz Wilding and then unlucky for Andrew Stephenson who also had reliability issues. 9 minutes in and David Clethro was in the lead half a lap ahead, followed by Simon Godney in 2nd and Wally Oats. There was another gutting break down for Neil Clark with only 1 minute to go. David, Simon and Wally Bumped up to the ½ final.

Next up the ½ 4WD final and some more awesome battles! It was a great get away at the start and only 5 minutes in and there was some super close racing between Steven Hunt, Stavros Costas and Andrew Gilbert. Further down the pack and Robin Rymer and Jim bell were tussling for 5th and neck and neck at 6 minutes in. The track was slippery as there was some drizzle, but the sun soon came back out and the track quickly dried and the pace soon picked back up again. Kerry Thorpe was unlucky making an exit at lap 5 and Stephen hunt on the quickly drying track started to pull away in 2nd position from Andy Knight. A few tumbles meant 2nd and 3rd were gaining on Andy rapidly and Jim and Stavros were neck and neck. Next to fall was Andrew Gilbert leaving just five in the race for the bump ups. Andy knight, Stephen Hunt and Jim Bell bumped up to the main 4WD final.

½ final short course and the line up included Kian Williams our up and coming junior racer starting directly behind his step mum Sophie who might I add was extremely nervous about this as he was flying all weekend! A tricky start and a few tangle ups but everyone managed to get going. Ross Bruce and Patrick Vice ran away with the race and were on fire! The battle for 3rd place to get in the bump up was all to play for. Sophie and Kian had some fun with Kian setting the pace and Sophie on the chase to catch him. So unlucky for Kian with a rear diff failure meant that Sophie was now on the hunt for 3rd. Sophie had to make a pit stop due to issues but got sent back out and was gunning to catch up who was ahead, she fully sent it and the chase was on! There was not much between John Bell and Paul Wadman and it was still a race to the line. The three bump ups to the main final were Patrick vice finishing a lap ahead, Ross Bruce and Sophie.

Onto the main 2WD final. This was the only final for 2WD and what a race it was! Karl Norris starting in P1, Oliver Whittleston in P2 and Mark Higgins P3. Some got away cleanly buy there was a pile up on the first lap which meant playing catch up for few drivers. The 2WD were unlucky as the weather made a turn for the worse and decided to rain! It became extremely slippery and there was not much grip. Oliver was hunting down Karl Norris until he had a problem with his hand set meaning an early finish. Zach Whittleston took top junior. Mark Higgins made an awesome come back going from the back to finish 2nd. Neil Sivens had a great race finishing 3rd and also a great drive for Mindaugas Klenauskas. Unfortunately the race was finished 7 minutes early as the weather just got too bad.

The 4WD final was intense! Tommy Chung was leading, Dave Aston and Craig Orman having a brilliant battle for 2nd 20 minutes in. Dave started to pull away and very soon he was ¼ of a lap ahead of 3rd place and also catching Tommy! The weather changed and Dave had his dry tyres on which worked really well as the track started to dry up in the sun! This made all the difference as Dave was closing in on Tommy! At this point there were just 7 out of the 10 drivers left. Les Darby was in P6 and was a lap ahead of Jim Bell. The battle at the front of the pack was still going strong Dave was on Tommy’s tail with only 5 minutes left to go it only would take one small error and it was a race to the finish line! Tommy raced his tyres off and held position… a very exciting race to watch.


Main Short Course Final. Ian Oddie was never to be seen from the first lap and stormed the track 2 laps up on everyone, followed by Taylor who drove a blinder and was uncatchable! Martyn Williams had an epic race and a great drive with wide open spaces trying to hold onto 3RD place. Josey Schifano had a good battle for 3rd and was on Martyn’s tail pushing for third and gaining positions. Ross Bruce and Sophie Finch had some interesting battles a few tumbles and they were switching positions back and forth. Martin Fitzpatrick was well away and Patrick Vice also. Few positions switched around and we saw some extremely fast and consistent racing from the drivers. Sophie got her elbows out and was determined to get that clubman trophy, little did she know she was on course to get the 1st place clubman trophy. With only seconds between Sophie, Ross and Patrick! A few gremlins and unlucky breakdowns menat that the finishing order was set and Martyn walked away with his first ever National trophy in 5 years of racing although Neil Young definitely gave him the jitters as was catching him fast and Sophie managed her first 1st place clubman trophy.








1st Tommy Chung

2nd Dave Ashton

3rd Craig Orman



1st Karl Norris

2nd Mark Higgins

3rd Neil Sivins


SC National

1st Ian Oddie

2nd Taylor Letchford

3rd Martyn Williams


SC Clubman 

1st Sophie Finch

2nd Patrick Vice

3rd Josey Schifano


SC Junior

1st Kian Williams

2nd Evan Sexton

3rd Harry Holford


2WD Junior 

1st Zach Whittleston

2nd Oliver Whittleston


The weekend ran smoothly and the venue was perfect. Great job to Gary and Thomas for the running of the track and to all the BRCA committee, racers and spectators for the brilliant weekend. The next event is the BIG one! The Sussex National Round 6…. Keep a close eye for the next posts coming out as we have some very exciting news and it is one you will NOT want to miss guys and girls!

See you all soon!