Guide Rules For The 2017 For The LSOR EFRA Euros

Large Scale Off Road

Basic guide to rules for the 2017 season including bits for the EFRA Euros - Large Scale Off Road


As scrutineer and EFRA rep, here is some basic info for the new season and those attending the Euros.

The full rules for EFRA are available at

And the BRCA LSOR rules will be published soon.


2wd 26cc engine

4wd 30cc engine - 26cc for the euros.

SC 30cc


All cars must use hard case lipo/life. Having soft case in a box isn't acceptable.


All cars must have an air box for the first meeting of the season. They must be as described in the brca and efra rules. Drivers new to largescale scale will get 3 meetings grace and be expected to have one fitted by the 4th meeting.


Exhausts must be 3 chamber and out of reach when being attended to by a marshal. 


Car dimensions have been tidied up and made clearer and more in line with EFRA but please check before turning up.


Hope this helps,


Mike Humphreys 

Brca LSOR EFRA rep

Brca scrutineer.