Large Scale Off Road Lithium Statement

Large Scale Off Road

Following the recent comments on the various online media sources subsequent to the statement issued by the BRCA Chairman, I wish to confirm the BRCA LSOR section’s position concerning Lithium batteries used in either your transmitter or to drive your LSOR vehicle.

Firstly the statement issued by Dave Walters is the minimum handling of lithium drive batteries the association expects a racer\section to achieve. Those who attended the sections AGM last October will be aware that following a lengthy discussion by those present, the section went a stage further and to help limit any potential lithium battery issues whilst they are being charged or left on the bench reached an agreed position that all drive batteries used in the LSOR nationals shall be hard cased with a manufacturers seal.

Lithium batteries associated with your transmitter do not need to be hard cased since it is felt that once fitted these batteries reside within the handset and are not bought out for charging onto your pit table as frequently as those fitted in your vehicle.

The hard case ruling only applies to those participating in the BRCA National series, for all other meetings your vehicles will need to comply to the organiser’s rules and as a minimum for anyone attending any BRCA affiliated club events the instructions as provided by the BRCA Chairman are to be adopted.

For those UK drivers participating in the 2017 EFRA Euros at the Nene Valley Raceway Off Road Model Car Club this July your vehicle will need to comply to the EFRA large scale rules and not those specified by the BRCA.

I hope this statement clarifies the LSOR sections position and helps to encourage continued safe racing in the sport we love.

Darren Worth

BRCA LSOR Section Chairman