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Payment by card now available trackside at LSOR events

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As the section looks to move towards no cash being taken trackside for the 2020 season, we are pleased to confirm we can now take card payments trackside for the 2019 season.
What does this mean for you
You still need to book in online at www.brca.org to register for an BRCA LSOR event, however should you still wish to pay on the day of the event, then for the 2019 season, this can be done by either cash or card on the day trackside. 
For the 2020 season onwards, trackside payment will still be possible, but this will be via debit or credit card only.
We would like to take this opportunity to remind drivers, as per our handbook, that trackside entries (people who haven’t booked in online by 5pm on the Wednesday preceding the event) will incur a £10 late booking in fee on top of the usual entry fee. Also, drivers who choose not to pay by Paypal ahead of the event and want to pay on the day, must do so before qualification starts on Saturday afternoon (or before 9am for Sunday only entrants). Late payment will result in a £10 late payment fee on top of the usual entry fee (and late booking in fee if incurred).
All 2019 events are available for booking in on www.brca.org and to support drivers getting familar with paying by paypal, your entry fee for round 1 will be reduced by 50% if you book in and pay via paypal online by 5pm on 27th March.
Finally, the section refund policy remains in place, so should you pay your race fee in advance and be no longer able to attend the event, your entry fee will be refunded in full.
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