Frequently Asked Questions – Membership.

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We have complied a list of Fequently Asked Questions, Did you fail the membership test? 

This is the place to start BEFORE emailing in!

The Website doesn’t recognise my logon details!

It Won’t, this website has a new database embedded within it, you need to re-register with the new one by simply joining, compete your details and you’re joined and reregistered all in one go.

I’ve joined but have now realised I’ve got something wrong!

If you have got something wrong logon to the website, go to ‘my profile’ and simply edit it

How can I keep my old BRCA number?

If it’s 5 digits or less, and you’re reading this before the 31/12/15 you can, simply complete the join form but type your old BRCA number into the box requesting it – done.

If your old number is 6 digits or more OR it’s the 1st Jan 2016 or later, you will be allocated one of our new 6 digit numbers.

My Membership card has arrived and it’s not come with the number I typed into the join page?

If you typed in a very old, or incorrect to the 2015 database BRCA number – or you simply got it wrong - the system will have rejected your old number request and allocated a new one.

My wife / son / daughter / friend don’t have their own email address – what do we do?

The email requirement is to ensure everybody is individually identifiable, however it’s also easy to fix if somebody doesn’t have their own email address – go to and create them one that forwards their emails to you or your club email address.

As a Club official how do I join club members to the Association?

The method of joining now means that it’s easy to enrol somebody else, all you need is all their details then simply type them into the join page as if you were them, remember the confirmation email will go to them.

Club Tools & Affiliation.

  • Club affiliation will be available shortly, if will be as simple a process as joining as an individual, this will create a club account – this logon can, and should be, shared within the club officials.
  • When logged into the database as the club the membership list will be available to view.
  • Clubs can edit their own profile.
  • Clubs can upload their club logo’s
  • Registered clubs will appear on the club directory/map.