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Welcome to the Micro Section of the BRCA, encapsulates all 1/16th - 1/18th RC offroad racing.

Our section is relatively new in the overall terms of the BRCA, but over the past 8 years we have grown year on year. Now offering a National Championship, seeing on average 75 racers at all events. The championship is normally run from October to March and consisits of 6 events, with competitors best 4 results counting towards the overall Championship positions.

The BRCA Micro Section committee are extremely proactive towards promoting are , the RC hobby as a whole and the National Championship and are always happy to be contacted by both new and experienced drivers looking for information about who we are and what we can offer!

Our section rules are also used as guidelines by many clubs across the UK to help regulate 1/16th off-road racing at the grass root level.

If you've never seen what the Micro section can offer, then we would encourage you to pop along to one of our National events and have a chat with some of our racers or one of the committee.

With an increase in popularity outside of our normal stomping ground (Midlands & South Wales), the section decided it should try travelling a little further North this season, and with that our first National event of 2016/17 was held last weekend at MB Raceway near Leeds. 

The BRCA Micro Section are pleased to announced its calendar of events for the 2016/17 National championship for 1/16th Off-Road buggies. The National championship will be contested over 6 indoor multi-surface events, with each driver’s best 4 scores counting towards their final placing in the championship.

Due to the cross over from V1 website and this V2 one, the Micros 2015-2016 National entries are done through google forms, please see below for instructions

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