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Updates to the EB Lists for Motor and Battery 07-07-16

Electric Board

The EB Section have released new versions of Motor and Lipo Lists


More EB updates :-

There is a new list for :  1S Batteries only, to include the 1st July approvals allowed for this battery size.

                                    All other battery lists remain unchanged.

The four Spec. motor lists do not have any new motors added, but I have added a comment for the Trinity 24K motors, to state that the 'Certified' versions do not comply with BRCA requirements.


2016 BRCA 1S Stick LiPo List (12-16) v2 pdf2.pdf

Motor Lists:

EB 05 Brushless Motors 10.5T Spec 2016 v5 pdf1.pdf

EB 05 Brushless Motors 13.5T Spec. 2016 v6 pdf1.pdf

EB 05 Brushless Motors 17.5T Spec. 2016 v6 pdf1.pdf

EB 05 Brushless Motors 21.5T Spec. 2016 v5 pdf1.pdf


You can veiw these and other holmologation lists in the EB http://www.brca.org/sections/eb/


Paul Worsley


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