AKA Catapult GP HNMC Embling & Clancy Dominate

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The AKA GP was back again at HNMC one of UK leading dirt tracks and venues. The controlled tyre debate could roll on day and night but with all drivers on the same pattern it does lead to closer racing and driver ability will show through. The Club had put in a lot of effort to get the track ready for this event and it was well received.

The Event plan was to give drivers maximum track time so 4 rounds practice 7 rounds of qualifying and 30 minute finals with a 45 minute main.
Day one practice
All four rounds of controlled practice went to Jamie Clancy with Jack Embling 2nd in each round.
E-buggy 3 rounds went to Jack Embling and Claus Didriksen from Norway taking round 1.
Day 2
Qualifying would be a three way arm wrestle between Kevin Brunsden, Jamie Clancy and Jack Embling Jamie came through to take TQ from Kevin with Jack 3rd we must mention James Le Pavoux who took a solid 4th and Karl Jackson TQed the last round to take 5th spot.

Finals Day 3
1~8th B 1st Neill Daunt 2nd Attila Hajdu 3rd Nathan Mcloughlin 4th Baffa David
1~8th A 1st Owen Luckin 2nd James Clarke 3rd Aaron Knights 4th Ricky Clarke
1~4th B 1st Cousins Richard 2nd Carl Chillingsworh 3rd Chris Long 4th Walsham Luke
1~4 A 1st Best Sheldon 2nd Wayne Buckhorn 3rd Scott Paulley 4th Richard Salomonsen
Semi B 1st Kevin Brunsden 2nd James Le Pavoux 3rd Mitchell Booth 4th Stewart Wilcox 5th Denis Holding 6th Ashley Grindley 7th Chris smith
Semi A 1st Jack Embling 2nd Jamie Clancy 3rd Karl Jackson 4th Rhys Herd 5th Taro Cradock 6th Nick Blackwell 6th 7th Steve Johnson 8th Luke Garrett(fastest 8th)
The Main Final was a 45 minute War between Embling and Clancy swapping the lead and not being more than 3 seconds apart for 354 minutes until Jacks fuel strategy paid off doing one less stop than Jamie. Just behind Kevin and James had their own battle, with Kevin taking 3rd by just under 4 seconds.

E-Buggy Final
Jack Embling won the 1st two legs so took the win with Mitchell Booth 2nd and Rhys Herd taking 3rd on round count back from Claus Didriksen.

Junior Final (under 18)1st Taro Cardock 2nd Best Sheldon 3rd Giles Blackwell 4th Luke Garratt 5th Owen Luckin 6th Kieran Morris 7th Joshua Bowen 8th Joe Jackson 9th Sam Morris 10th Rhys Herd.

We must thank Peter Bird for giving up his weekend to run race control a thankless task with no races needing to be re-run and on time schedule a fantastic achievement well done.
The Club would like to thank AKA, Kyosho Europe, club members who help to get track ready Mark Pro sports kit (tee shirts trophies) Westmill Farm crew and Terry Britt Simply foods and all the racers for their support for an fantastic event.

Results https://www.hnmc.co.uk/results/AKA/AKA-GP/ressum.htm
Junior results https://www.hnmc.co.uk/results/AKA/AKA-Junior/f1r1.htm
Watch out for the details of HNMC British GP to be released soon August Bank Holiday.