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AWS 2017 Race Report From Ledbury 22nd January 2017

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On the 22nd of January 2017 the AWS went to the southern club Ledbury Model Car Club


As dawn broke and the track coming into the light. The track started to unfold in front of the drivers that were starting to arrive at the popular club, Ledbury Model Car Club near Gloucester

Because of the amount of daylight hours we had to work with and the amount of drivers we have att he event. We started racing at just after 8:30am, starting with the Electric Buggys

We did three rounds of qualifying with the best two to count

With the track being slightly damp in the morning due to the morning frost, you could tell because of the cars floating about the track

At the end of the first round. Tekno Driver Dan Austin took TQ in Electric Buggy. Local (ish) driver Chris Lovell took second and finally Ben Doyle took third. In Truggy: Jon Hazelwood took the TQ point, Jon Howells took second place and Nemo Racings Dave Stanley took third overall. During Nitro Buggy we saw some good laps and some not so good laps due to the track layout being technical. However in the end Tekno Racings Michael Lightfoot took TQ, much to his delight as he was  jumping round when he found out. Milan Dragojlovic took second overall and Ledbury's very own Nathan Powney took third.


Waisting no time we went straight into the next round of qualifying. where we started to see all drivers getting a feel for the tracks layout and features, this was displayed in the lower lap times we had seen in the previous round. However for the second time Dan Austin took TQ, Chris Lovell was second and Ben Doyle was third overall, So Electric Buggy didn't change at all. Truggy was slightly different Jon Howells now taking the top spot, with Jon Hazelwood now second overall and another Nemo driver Michael Shorey coming in third overall. Nitro Buggy shuffled round completely during round 2 and Milan taking TQ, with Michael lightfoot taking second, who we saw take the top spot in the first round. Now Darren Bloomfield had found is pace and coming in third overall in Buggy.


With time pressing on we went straight into the third and final round of qualifying. The track had dried out and drivers we're making the most of good but cold track conditions. For the third and final time we saw Dan Austin take the top spot in E-Buggy. Chris Lovell coming in second, showing off his electric buggy kamikaze driving skills. And new driver to the scene Elliot Taylor coming in third overall although someone good must have been driving for him because he had been all over the place during the first two round :)

Truggy had shuffled around again, Jon Hazelwood now back in the TQ spot with Jon Howells in second and finally Michael Shorey in third. Buggy was very different again with the previous top three drivers shuffling around again. Nemo Racing's Darren Bloomfield took the TQ spot. Michael Lightfoot took second place which has been driving very well throughout the day. and Milan took third overall.

With this concluding the qualifying part of the day, we went into finals after a short 15 minute break

Finals started with the E-Buggy final which was a 15 minute race. Some very good laps going in a a good battle throughout for second the third. In the end we saw Dan Austin dominate the whole race and taking the win with a lap up on second and third. Elliot Taylor came in second, Ben Doyle came in third, well done to all drivers!


The second final on was the E, Buggy Final. Again a 15 minute race where we saw a great battle for first and second between Andrew Prosser and Mark Pearl. and 4th to 6th was close as well during the whole race. However Mark Pearl took the win, Andrew Prosser came in second place, John Soundy came in third, and final Mike Foster came in forth place. All these drivers got promoted to the D Final which was the next race on.

The D Final was a busy race with people fighting for positions all the way through, the top 4 drivers where swapping and changing throughout the whole race. But Clint Smith took the win with Wez "Waz" Jolly in second place. Team Losi driver Wayne Davis took third and Paul Davis took forth. Same with the top four from the E final they all got promoted to the C Final.


Half way through the finals now and it was time for the crazy drivers, sorry the truggy drivers to race their final.

After a good clean start Jon Hazelwood went powering out in front with his bullit power truggy. but after around 11 laps he had some difficulty and had to pull off. Leaving Jon Howells to lead and the win. Michael Shorey came in a very close second with only 8 seconds between them. John Winter came in third place again only a few seconds behind second place. Lloyd Pitt came in forth place a lap down on the rest of the field. Some very tense and good racing had by all drivers. Well done

Then we moved on to the final Buggy Finals, The C Final was next on the list which was again a 15 minute race. Some really good driving throughout, battles going on left right and diagonal. After a great race, Wez Jolly who we saw taking second place in the D Final taking the win in the C Final with new comer to the series Nikky Davis coming in second. Local driver Shaun Stenson finished third and finally Clint Smith finished in forth. All these drivers got promoted to the B Final. Well done to al drivers in that race :)


The second to last final was the Buggy B Final. Like all the others it was a 15 minute race. The race was very close with the top 5 drivers all finishing on the same lap. However Gareth Oldfield took the win. Series Sponsor Mick Butler finished in a very close second place. Local driver to the club Josh Powney came in third place and RC Pit Box guy Matt Box came in forth place. Special mention goes to Shaun Stenson who started 13th on the grid managed to finish 5th in this race. Well done Shaun

After all the fun and games in the pervious final is was time for the A Main Buggy Final.

It was 14 car final with the top four from the B Final bumping up into the A. This race was great to watch but at the same time difficult to keep up with what was going on. First, Second, Third and forth was so close during the whole race with them swapping and changing position throughout the race. Milan was chasing Darren almost to the point where he started to overtake and making mistakes so no to crash into Darren.

But after a long battle Darren Bloomfield took the win with a time of 25/15m 1.10. Milan came in a ridiculously close second place with an impressive time of 25/15m 2.27. Tekno driver Michael Lightfoot came in third place after leading the race for a while at the start. His time was 25/15m 8.40, So very close behind first and second. Elliot Taylor who was racing two classes during the day came in forth place again with a close time of 25/15m 18.03.


I would like to say well done and thank you to all drivers for supporting the series and the club. without you there would be no series to run.

I would like to say thank you to Ray, Josh and Nathan Powney for all their hard work during the week and even into the night to get the track ready. The team was even laying new astro after the practice session on Saturday had finished.

Special thanks goes to the great catering team that was on site all day. We'd be very hungry and grumpy if you guys wasn't there.

Lets not forget Chris Lovell for giving us something to laugh at when he fell over on the track. Got it on film as well. I hope you are felling better now and not to sore.

Finally lets thank Jodie for coming down to the track and doing some filming. without you we couldn't watch Chris fall over again and again, Priceless.

For view all the photos and results from the event please click the links below



I hope you all enjoyed the meeting and I will see you all at the final round up at North West Nitro on the 26th January. Don't forget at the end of this round there will be the trophy presentation, the trophies have been ordered. Top ten for Buggy, top 5 for Truggy and E- Buggy. and not forgetting The Race Directors Award as well

Thank You Everyone

All The Best

Chris J

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