AWS 2019 Round 4 Race Report

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What happened? See all the ins and outs to what happened at the very successful forth round of the AWS 2019 at Deerdale Off Road


Well what can i say about the 4th round of the 2019 AWS at Deerdale? It was a fantastic day and a really good turn out

64 drivers attended the meeting. There was a mix of Nitro 8th Buggy, 8th Electric Buggy (Mixed with Nitro) and 8th Nitro Truggy 

Racing started at exactly 9am. Starting with a round of timed practice. First cars out on the track were the Truggys. we had 7 of them today. Then 5 heats of nitro and electric buggy mixed together. 

With the amount of drivers that we had there was no messing about. We saw the drivers starting to get used to the layout as the lap times started to fall throughout the practice round. After the round of practice as started straight into the 3 rounds of qualifying. 

IMG 7108

During the qualifying process we started to see the track starting to dry out further, Drivers grip rolling here there and everywhere. It was nice to see some old faces coming back to Deerdale and new people coming to the AWS, Including Kong McKenzie running his brand new TLR X which was looking very good on the track if i do say so myself 

However after the 3 rounds of heats we saw 


Jon Howells take TQ

Wez Jolly take second place overall

Mark Morris take third overall 

IMG 7077

Graham Alsop take TQ

Mike Lewis take second place overall

John Holmes finially tking third place overall.


Because of the fading light i pushed quyickly on with the finals. 6 finals total all 15 minutes each. And the top 4 will be bumped up to the next final.

The first final on the line was the Truggy A Final. 

Great battles through the race, However we saw Team Assocciated driver Jon Howells take the win with Wez Jolly a driver for Tekno taking second place. Mark Morris finished in third place and finially Peter Jones finished in forth place. 

IMG 7310

The next race on the line was the bottom Buggy final this being the E Final. This final was a little chaotic with there being 16 cars init. After 15 minutes of craziness we saw Chris Caci taking the win, John Winter finished second place. New to the series Dave Williams finished third place. Chris Stevens from Brookthorpe club finished in 4th place. These drivers were promoted to the next final which was the D Final. This final was 14 car race. This race we saw Matt Lewis take the win by 2 whole laps, Steve Collinson was second place. Joseph Cockill was third place and finially Richard Smith from the NDOR Club finished in forth. Like the E Final these drivers were promoted to the next final. 

IMG 7163

The C Final buggy was next. Like the last final Matt Lewis took the win by 1 lap this time. Second place was taken by Adam Smith. E-Buggy driver Arron Knight was third palce and Joseph Cockill was forth place. 

Time was pushing on and the light was starting to fade so i was starting to go through the races as fast as possible. The second to last race on the line was the B Final and during this race we saw soemthing very strange. We saw Carl O'Connor actually running. Very very strange to see. How ever Matt lewis strikes again and takes the win in this race as well. Lloyd Pitt was second place roughly 12 second behind Matt. Third place was taken by team Tekno Driver Matt Bridge and finially forth was taken by Sworkz driver Chris Sharpe-Simkiss. During the race the evening dew started to settle on the track which made things a little interesting grip wise. 

IMG 7088

Now it was time fo the last final of the day. The 15 minutes Buggy A Final which started just after 4pm and some driver scrambling to change tyres because of the slippy conditions. How ever after the last 15 minute race of the day we saw local driver to Deerdale Graham Alsop who drivers for Hot Bodies taking the win, Mick Butler the man behind RC Bodies take second place. Third place was taken by another driver for Hot Bodies John Holmes (Welcome back John) and forth place was taken by Mike Lewis.

 IMG 7308

I would like to thank all drivers for coming to the event and for putting up with me badgering you all day. Massive thanks to David Cantrell (Two Track Cantrell) and Jono Weldon for all the hard work on the track these past few weeks getting everything ready. Good job as always and you can really tell. 

I would like to say a huge thanks to Gothic Bites for coming to us on short notice to cater for us this weekend. The food was fantastic, We will be seeing you again. For anyone who are wanting some catering that is very well priced and some fantastic portion sizes give this gent a call. Click here for his Facebook page

 IMG 1917

The next round of the 2019 AWS which is the final round is on the 3rd February 2019 at South Coast Nitro. Booking in is open on the BRCA website as normal. Practice on the Saturday. With this being the last round of the series the trophies will be handed out for the winners. I do say so myself. They look really nice! More importantly who will be getting the saught after Race Directors Award


All the results from ths round are available and the up to date series results are on the BRCA website under the Truggy Section results heading. Photos are now online on Facebook simply Click Here