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AWS 2019 Round 5 Race Report & End Of Season Report

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The conclusion of the AWS 2019 at South Coast Nitro down in Dorset. Click read more to learn more about what when on



A very very cold start to the fifth and final round of the AWS 2019 at South Coast Nitro. 55 drivers braved the -8 degree start. 

With the same as format as all the previous rounds. A single round of timed practice, followed by 3 rounds of qualifying with the best 2 to count. followed by 15 minute finals. 

It was nice to see some old faces. Steve Hamilton what a guy, Still can't drive a Truggy though. Big shout out to Sean Berryman who came from the Isle Of Wight to join us at the track. 

There was a single heat of Truggy containing 13 cars which was fantastic to see. Then there were 4 heats of buggy 

IMG 7555

Truggy went out first and what an interesting first race it was. The track was frosty to say the least to start with. Surprisingly the grip was fairly good. After the truggy's the buggy's went out for their practice heats. 

After the round of practice we went straight into qualifying which there were 3 rounds of which. With qualifying continuing at a steady pace and finishing at just before 1:30 in the afternoon. The top 3 from each class overall were


1st - Wez Jolly

2nd - Jon Howells

3rd - Kevin Martindale 


1st - Matt Lewis

2nd - Kevin Brunsden

3rd - Mike Lewis 

 IMG 7336

The first final started just before 1:50 in the aftermoon. First up was the 15 minutes Truggy Final. A very good and very close race. Winner of this race was Team Assocciated driver Jon Howells. Second place was taken by Team Tekno driver Wez Jolly, Third place was taken by local driver Glyn Peart driving his Electric Truggy, Finially 4th was taken by another local driver also with an electric truggy, Robert Woodrow. 

The next final on the line was the Buggy D Final, This was also a 15 minute final with the top 4 bumping up to the next final. Steven Berrington took the win with Richard Turner very close behind him in second place. Local driver Cal Jolliffe was third place. and finially Daniel Meachen came in forth place. These 4 drivers were promoted to the C Final. The C final was the next one on the line. This was also a 15 minute race following the same format at the races before. Cal Jolliffe took the win who we saw finish third in the previous race. Second place was taken by Chris Mcloughlin, third place was taken by Steven Berrington who took the win in the previous race. Tim Lucas took 4th place with his Electric Buggy. These drivers were promoted to the B Final. 

IMG 7357

The B Final was the next race to hit the track. During this race we saw Arron Knight who also drives an electric car take the win. Lloyd Pitt a driver for assocciated took second place. Scott Follington who has became a part of the furniture at the series took third place. Forth place was taken by Paul Williams. These 4 drivers were promoted to the A Final. Which was the last final of the day and the last final of this year AWS 2019 Series. 

IMG 7478

Right then the A Final. The last final of the series. This race was fantastic, Very close, Great competition. How ever Team assocciated driver Matt Lewis who TQd the meeting take win, Kevin Brunsden came in second place. Third place was taken by Matt's brother Mike Lewis who also drives for assocciated. Finially forth place was taken by Chris Lovell. 

 IMG 7532

After all the races had finished it was trophy time for the overall winners of the series. 

First trophies that were handed out were for the top 5 for the Truggy class 

1. Jon Howells. 

2. Wez Jolly

3. Peter Jones

4. A pain in my side. (I mean an awesome driver) Carl O'Connor

5. Mark Morriss. 


Then the Buggy trophies. 

1. Matt Lewis 

2. Chris Sharpe-Simkiss

3. Chris Lovell 

4. Lloyd Pitt

5. Matt Bridge

6. Scott Follington 

7. William Day (Go TLR)

8. Jamie Bowen

9. Arron Knight

10. Steve Collinson

 IMG 7611

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for supporting the seires. Thanks to goes to all the hosting clubs from this years series. Big thanks goes to all the catering teams that kept us fed and watered throughout the meetings.

IMG 7453

Now for the dates and venues for the AWS 2020. This being the 5 year anniversary of the series. 

Round 1 @ Ledbury Model Car Club - 20th October 2019

Round 2 @ NDOR - 17th November 2019

Round 3 @ North West Nitro - 15th December 2019

Round 4 @ Deerdale Off Road - 19th January 2020

Round 5 @ Brookthorpe - 16th February 2020 - This meeting there will be an exciting dash for cash.


I hope to see you all soon and see most of you at the Truggy + E8 Buggy Nationals starting on the 28th April at Herts Nitro. 

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