AWS Round 3 @ NDOR Race Report

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Well after a great third round of the 2017 AWS at NDOR.



The weather was great, Sun was out all day, just a little cold. The track looked great as well.

We had 55 drivers arrive at NDOR in the lovely warm conditions.

We kicked off qualifying with the Truggy’s, Got to love Truggy power in the morning!

The track was wet to start with and drivers slipping and sliding all over the place, which was funny to watch.

You could see the regular drivers getting the grips with the changes the team at NDOR had made for their upcoming national events in 2017.

The drivers that came up for the meeting was finding some parts of the track difficult to master.

At the end of the first round we saw Michael Shorey taking TQ in this round with his Truggy, Dave Stanley came in second place and Carl O’Connor came in third place with his borrowed car. Local driver to NDOR Graham Alsop took TQ with his Nitro Buggy, Jonathan Skidmore came in the second place, Local driver to NDOR Dave Bailey came in third in this round overall with his associated.

E-Buggy was very close for the TQ but in the end Neil Bent took TQ after his time off from the hobby. Tekno driver Dan Austin came in second overall and Chris Allwood came in third after his time off as well. very well done to all drivers so far.

The second round of qualifying was a little different in Truggy. Michael Shorey still took the TQ overall however this time we saw Clive Maland take second place and Dave Stanley going down slightly to take third place overall. Nitro Buggy was very similar to the first round with Graham Alsop taking the TQ point, Jonathan Skidmore took second again, however another local driver John Holmes took third place overall in this round. E-Buggy remained the same for the top three drivers with Neil taking TQ, Dan second and Chris third. Then we went into the third and final round of qualifying, because of the time of year we didn’t have time to stop between rounds due to the short daylight hours. In the third round of qualifying for Truggy remained the same with Michael taking TQ for the third and final time. Clive was second and Dave was third. Nitro Buggy had another shuffle round at the end of the third round, Graham Alsop took TQ for the third and final time, Dave Bailey moved up again to take second place over all. Carlo DeMarco making is come back in the third round by coming third. E-Buggy changed around at the end of the third round. Dan Austin who had been second overall through the day finally took the TQ point in round three, Neil Bent came in second and Chris Allwood was still third.

After a short break while i organised finals and got something to eat, we ploughed straight into the Finals!

First out was the Truggy Final. A 15 minute race with 12 cars. after a long battle with other drivers. Michael Shorey took the win with John Winter second place with only 6 seconds behind. May i add John had very hard opening laps which made him nearly last coming into lap 3 but he managed to get back up there and catch the leader up, only to mess it up on the third to last corner. But well done John, The main man himself Carl O’Conner came in third place at the end of the 15 minute final.

The E-Buggys went out next for their 15 minute final. The final was very similar to qualifying with the top three drivers finishing in the same order. Neil Bent took with win with an impressive time of 23/15m 27.65 Dan Austin came in second place with less than a second behind Neil, Dans time was 23/15m 28.33. very close racing there well done. As the same as qualifying Chris Allwood came in third place with a time of 22/15m 20.95. Well done to all drivers. good race to watch.

The next final was the Buggy C Final again a 15 minute race with the top four drivers bumping up into the B Final. This final saw some good racing and some crazy racing. But in the end Andy Pritchard took the win with Mark Morris second place. Liam Bryan a local driver again took third place and Mandy Scott, one of the team from NDOR taking forth place after having radio issues through qualifying. Well done to all drivers!

After that final had finished we went straight in to the B Final, which was again a 15 minute race. But my friend my homie. Kieran Cox took the win. Mr RcBodies himself Mick Butler taking second place. Neo Racing’s Josh Graham came in third. The man behind RacePaceRC Matt Bridge took forth place. This race was an interesting one on my part because half way through the PA Amp decided to go with a pop so I had no PA to use. So there i was talking up and down the drivers rostrum shouting ‘Race Over!’ but hay ho we managed it.

Then it was time for the final final of the day, the Buggy A Final! This was a difficult race for myself to run because having no PA System I ended shouting to the drivers across the rostrum what was going on. for example who was behind who. In the end however we managed to muddle through. In the end Graham Alsop took the win, Jonathan Skidmore came in second place, Carlo DeMarco came in third and finally Dave Bailey came in forth.

Well done to all drivers that attended the meeting and I hope you all enjoyed it even though it was a little cold during the day, but you know that they say at least it was dry.

I would like to say thank you to Tim Ramsden who helped out during the day. Special thanks goes to his wife Tracy for feeding us during the day. I’d be lost and grumpy without you. Big thanks goes to Mandy Scott and the rest of the team at NDOR for hosting a round of the series and for prepping the track for us. The link to the full results for todays meeting and for the series is at the link below. 

Thanks goes to all the drivers for making to trip to NDOR for the meeting I wouldn’t have a series to run without all of your drivers. so thank you and i will see you all again at Ledbury Model Car Club in the new year.