Club Report: 10 Electric Club in Bradford

RC News

I attended the 10 electric Club in Cullingworth in Bradford last week, where they race 10th off road electric cars, it’s a small Village Hall which can on hold twenty five drivers max this is for safety reasons.

Nori Jagdev the Chairman of the club was setting up the computer and booking in some of the late drivers as I arrived and some of the drivers were setting out the track which they change every week.

When qualifying got started I saw some very skillful drivers, during the visit Nori introduced me too many of the drivers some of which have been going to the club for many years. One member was taking orders for pizzas, this is part of the club night social they have the timing just right, the pizzas arrive just as qualifying finished all racing stops so they can all eat their pizzas. The finals take place after the food sometimes they have two rounds of qualifying depends on the turnout of members

Nori said that sometime next year the club hope to move into the new Village Hall where he will be able to have more drivers approx 30 plus,

You can find out more about the club here: