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The joint race report from the EMAS round 3 at Deerdale and the forth and final round at NDOR 


Well race report for EMAS Rounds three and four. 

So we shall start with 3 at Deerdale on the 25th November 2018. Like i said this was the third round of the EMAS series. The East Midlands Astro Series a joint venture between two local clubs. Deerdale Off Road and NDOR. Round three was held at Deerdale which 38 drivers made the trip to the track 

The day started with a round of timed practice on a slightly damp track. This was interesting round with the drivers having some interesting times coming through. Following the practice round we went straight into the three rounds of qualifying with the best two to count. The drivers standards during this time were fantastic. With Darrell Skinner running things in race control it gave me the opportunity to get out with the drone and do some live streaming. However after qualifying we saw Team Associated Driver Neil Cragg take the overall TQ, Another associated driver Dave Bailey took second overall. Lewis Jones who is new to this series took third place overall in the Nitro Buggy Class. Tekno Driver Daniel Austin took the overall TQ in E-Buggy, Another Team Tekno Driver Matt Brige took second overall, Finally the man behind PBM Racing Shaun Thompson take third place overall. 

IMG 6845

After a short break we embarked on the 4 finals of the day. The first race on the line was the Buggy B Final which was an 11 car race. We saw Shaun's son Freddie Thompson take the win in this race. Park of the furniture Paul Irwin took second place. Another local driver Lee Maggs took third place. These drivers were bumped up to the A Final. The next race  on the line was the E-Buggy B Final. Another 15 minute race, Top 3 from this meeting was Ian Flemming, Keith Bellamy, and Trevor Baker. After a brief break we continued with the last two finals of the day. Next one being the Buggy A Final. The TQ Driver Neil Cragg took the win. Lewis Jones took second place. Finially Dave Bailey took third place. Next final on the line was the E-Buggy A Final which was also the last final of the day, Same as all the finals in this series it was another 15 minute race. We saw the TQ driver Dan Austin take the win, Matt bridge who is another driver for Team Tekno took second place and finially another Tekno Driver Martin Bates took third place. Which means a Tekno 1,2,3. 

I would like to say thank you to all at Deerdale and thanks to all the drivers for attending the meeting. 

IMG 6852 

So, Let talk about the forth round of the series which was also the final round of the series being held at NDOR on the 9th December

A very cold and wet start to the morning. However we had no rain during the racing but this didn't mean the track was dry by any means. only 27 drivers attending this round, I believe the weather forecast didn't help matters. But this meaned a nice and easy flow to the days meeting. 

Like the other rounds in the series we started with a simple round of timed practice. Practice was rather intersting because the track being as lets say moist. The times round the track aren't as quick as we have seen in the past when we was at the track a few weeks back for the EMAS series. Because we only had 3 heats a round. So we went straight into the first round a qualifying, Then had a break for 15 minutes. The we went through the second and third rounds before having a 40 minute breaka for lunch. We finished qualifying just after midday and the top 3 for each class were; In E-Buggy TQ was taken by Tekno Driver Daniel Austin. Second was Tekno driver Matt Bridge and third was taken by another Tekno driver Martin Bates. Nitro Buggy was also very good, We saw John Winter take TQ with his Truggy. Second place overall was taken by Tim Smith, Third place overall was Matthew Mcauley. Some very good close racing between the drivers for the top spot. 

IMG 7004

After the break like i said we went into the finals. Because of the odd numbers that we had myself and Darrell decided it would be best to have all the Nitro Buggys in one final and a single E-Buggy Final. E-Buggy went out first. Interesting start to the race. Darrel counted down from 10,9,8 ext. Got to 4 and the computer started the race before him. I found that rather funny but all drivers started on the computer so it didn't make much difference. During the A E-Buggy Final the space we was high with the TQ Driver Daniel Austin taking the lead and holding it throughout the race. Second and third were swapping and changing throughout the race, However after the 15 minute race we saw Dan Austin take the TQ and win with his Tekno E-Buggy. Matt Bridge another driver for Tekno took second place, And another Tekno Driver Martin Bates take third place. Making a Tekno one two and three. 

IMG 7008

Nitro Buggy was the next and final race of the day and the final race of the EMAS 2018 series, Like i said eariler this was a 15 car race. So the opening part of the track was a bit busy i shall say. The competition was good. The driver standard was also fantastic. During the race we saw Rob Woodward and John Winter battling for the top spot with their Truggys. John came in for fuel first and i noticed that the car was making a nice crunching sound. Then Rob came in and then he was on for the catch up to John, However John's car spat its dummy out and broke at the end of the back 6 putting Rob in the lead which he remained there until the very end of the race. So after 15 minutes of racing we saw. Rob Woodward take the win, Local driver Matthew Mcauley take second place. Finially Tim Smith took third place. 


So lets talk about the over winners for the series, The series consisted of 4 rounds with 3 to count. 

So top 3 Buggy 

1. Tim Smith

2. Matthew McAuley 

3. Two Track Cantrell 

IMG 7036

So top 3 E-Buggy 

1. Dan Austin 

2. Matt Bridge

3. Martin Bates

Again another Tekno 1,2,3 

Don't we all love show offs :P 

 IMG 7027

I would like to take this opportuity to say thank you to all driver that supported the clubs over the course of the series. Thank you for all the teams at the club for helping out. Well done to RDIT Race Director In Training Darrell Skinner, Slowly but surely and you are getting there.

Thank you to George who runs the cafe at NDOR, fantastic service as always. Massive thanks to the team at PBM Racing for sponsoring the series and for providing the trophies for us. They are fantastic. Alll the results from the series are available on the NDOR website under results. 

I hope to see you all soon! And from myself with the team at Deerdale and the team at NDOR, We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Bring on 2019! 

All the best 

Chris Jeffery - Deerdale Chairman, Truggy Section Secretary and the AWS Chairman 



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