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The RC Community has lost a stalwart person with the news that Heiner Martin has passed away this last Sunday, 20th. March 2016. Heiner had been known in RC communities throughout the World in most Classes of racing. Heiner Martin was born in West-Berlin in 1950.

heiner picWhen he was 14 years old, his parents moved to Ulm in Baden-Württemberg. In 1978 Heiner turned his hobby of Radio Controlled Model-Cars into a profession and became a journalist for an RC Car magazine. Two years later he became the editor in chief of this magazine. In this position Heiner wrote a program in Extended Basic for the administration of the magazine.

In more recent years, Heiner had been working as a freelanced journalist for several RC Car magazines and had also been writing handbooks for computer programs. Heiner had for many years been an active person within the German Federation (DMC) and was the Secretary for this organisation at the time of his death. But Heiner's contribution to the World of RC Racing extended a lot further than his home country, being a past Section Chairman within IFMAR and a current Section Chairman within EFRA for many years.

Heiner could often be seen at International events anywhere in the World. Heiner also raced RC Cars in many Classes over his years within the sport. Heiner was a clever and wise man, which may not have been noticed by many, because he was also a quiet and modest man. Heiner's vast experience allowed him to be a pivotal person in the organisation of the sport of RC Racing. Heiner's total dedication to the sport, together with his incredible memory, always resulted in Heiner giving sound advice whenever decisions were needed.

His involvement and duties within the sport extended to many area's:- Refereeing, Event Organisation, Program writing, Manuals and a very diligent approach to any Rules within the sport that needed updating or amending. He was blessed with the gift of being able to write down very complex procedures not just for model car racing but also for computers. At least one of his books was translated into English and became the authority for many programmers.

Few person's realise, that every year, Heiner would give a great deal of his time to produce the EFRA Handbook. A lot of work, needing to research all the changes for all Sections of the sport. When officiating at events, Heiner could be seen at the track quietly surveying all area's of the event and ensuring that all aspects were being controlled in the correct manner. His experience and therefore his ability to foresee a possible problem was without question and this skill often contributed to events being successful. Away from the track, Heiner always enjoyed mixing with colleagues and competitors and could always be relied upon to be good company in a restaurant or the bar, where he always enjoyed the best beer. A good friend that was totally committed to all that he embarked on and always had the best interests of the Sport in mind.

The advice and humour from Heiner will be sadly missed by his colleagues within EFRA

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