Scottish 10th Off Road Regionals RD5 Race Report

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Pole secures second Scottish Championship. 


Round 5 of the BRCA Scottish Off Road Series was held at NORA, home of Dunfermline District Radio Car Club, in Cardenden, on Sunday 2nd October 2022.

NORA is a purpose-built off-road track that was partially funded by the National Lottery, it has brand new astroturf which means the cars come off clean. This is the highest grip track in Scotland, and has attracted a huge membership to the club, this led to this meeting being the best attended of the series, with 104 cars appearing in the heats leading up to the actual racing, bolstered by a number of local members at the round.

The meeting was run immaculately by David Haddow and Stacey Minski who worked the computer, with help from a number of local members throughout the day, as well as race commentary from previous Scottish Champion Derek Ferguson. Local members also helped out throughout the day filling vacant marshal points.


Track Layout

The layout created by the Dunfermline club had a great mix of long straights around a tighter infield with some technical jumps. The track had just the right amount of undulation and meant drivers were kept on their toes. The rain stayed off allowing the track to build grip throughout the day meaning drivers weren’t lacking any traction or turn in so just needed to fine tune their setups to maximise lap time and consistency. 




After drivers briefing practice was run in heat order with the track being a tad damp from rain the previous night meaning most opted to run the silver and green compound on their car. As this was the first time most of the racers ran on the track they concentrated on finding out how their cars reacted to the surface and helped their teammates with setup changes before round 1 of qualifying.


Round 1 of Qualifying

After setups were tweaked from practice it was time for round 1 of the heats. The track at this point was still damp and most were still opting for a wet setup.

In 2WD it was close at the front between the two Davids (McLean and Scott) who ended up with just a 3 second gap respectively. 10 seconds further back the junior Fraser Mcleod took a surprising 3rd ahead of his more experienced brother showing great pace. The next 7 places were separated by just 10 seconds and went from Martin, Daniel, Kenny, Euan, David, Mark and Colin.

In 4WD there was a huge split in best laps from Daniel who dominated round 1 with his Associated more than a second a lap faster than the locals David McLeans Kyosho and Schumacher driver Euan Mcleod. With this pace Daniel took round 1, +5s to David, +0.6s to Euan, Kenny, Gary, David S, Kevin, Steven, Colin and David Martin rounding out the top 10. 


Round 2 of Qualifying

With the track now completely dry and everyone switched over to dry setups it was time for round 2 of qualifying with everything still to play for.

In 2WD David McLean took the early lead and held it. Setting the pace and the best lap, pushing his Kyosho on to 14 laps and a low 21 second best lap. Second place Martin Wallace stayed out of trouble and finished a solid second just over a lap behind. David Scott followed in 3rd after a close battle with Mark Gillies finishing just 4 tenths of a second apart. Daniel Pole finished his heat in 5th followed by Kenny and Euan.

In 4WD as the track was now fully dry David could show his pace and managed to pip the TQ in round 2 from fellow local Euan Mcleod just 6 tenths between them. Other local and Will Speed driver Kenny Clark took the 3rd place with a fast and tidy run. This was followed by David Scott, David Martin, Colin, Steven, Kevin, Fraser and Nicky.


Round 3 of Qualifying

Now that the track had dried and the sun was out grip levels sky rocketed meaning drivers were forced to make some changes to their buggies to optimise lap times and prevent traction rolls.

In 2WD it was again David McLean taking the TQ and securing the overall TQ from Schumacher driver David Scott and Associated driver Daniel Pole who were both on 14 lap pace. Euan took 4th in this heat followed by Kenny, Colin, Mark, Martin and Gary.

In 4WD David improved on his previous run and took another round win with his Kyosho buggy. Followed by Daniel and Euan who had one of the closest finishes of the day with less than 2 tenths separating them. Kenny followed them and Kevin Mcdowall with his Xray XB4 took the 5th position followed by Gary, David, Steven, Fraser and Paul.


Round 4 of Qualifying

Onto the final round of qualifying with the highest grip levels the drivers had seen all day. At this point the drivers new the track and most had optimised setups on their car.

In 2WD David made it 4 for 4 taking the last win. This was a great heat for the locals making up the top 3. Euan Mcleod and Kenny Clark finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. Martin took the 4th spot followed by Colin, Mark, David and Gary.

In 4WD it was down to David and Daniel for who would take the 4WD TQ. After both heats were ran it was David Scott who took the round win with a 14L and 6.96s followed by David McLean with 14L 8.24s and Daniel Pole with 14L 8.84s. This meant that David McLean took the overall TQ in 4WD with his Kyosho followed closely by Daniel Pole in his Associated and David Scott in his Schumacher.


Qualifying Overalls (top 10)


Pos      Name  

1           David McLean    Kyosho                                 

2          David Scott        Schumacher                        

3          Euan McLeod     Schumacher                        

4          Martin Wallace   Associated                           

5          Daniel Pole        Associated                           

6          Kenny Clark    Associated                              

7          Fraser McLeod Schumacher                          

8          Mark Gillies    Associated                              

9          Colin McCaffery     Associated                       

10         Steven Harley         Schumacher                   



Pos      Name  

1           David McLean Kyosho                        

2          Daniel Pole     Associated                  

3          David Scott     Schumacher               

4          Euan McLeod  Schumacher               

5          Kenny Clark    Associated                  

6          Kevin Mcdowall  Xray                         

7          Gary Dunn          Losi                          

8          David Martin        Xray                               

9          Colin McCaffery    Associated            

10         Steven Harley Schumacher               


The Finals

After qualifying everyone was excited to watch and race in the finals. The track was starting to cool which was ideal for the cars and meant that everyone would be able to push their cars that bit more.


2WD A Final

The Kyosho driver David McLean made the most of his pole position and took an early lead from fellow local Euan McLeod who got past David Scott after he made a small mistake in the first couple of laps. There would be battles all down the field with Daniel Pole and Kenny making up a few position each in the final. David at the front held onto his lead till the end and finished 5 seconds from Euan McLeod who managed to hold off young Daniel on the line finishing a close 2nd and 3rd. Kenny Clark took 4th followed by David Scott, Martin Wallace, Fraser McLeod, Mark Gillies, Steven Harley and Colin McCaffery. 


Pos  Name             

1           David McLean    

2         Euan McLeod     

3        Daniel Pole        

4          Kenny Clark       

5          David Scott         

6           Martin Wallace  

7           Fraser McLeod  

8          Mark Gillies        

9         Steven Harley     

10        Colin McCaffery   


4WD A Final

In the 4WD A main the top 4 drivers had a clean start and for 3 laps battled close together. Daniel made a great overtake driving out of one of the corners past David’s car on the opening lap and took advantage of a mistake from David later on to pull away and go on to win the race. David Scott and David McLean throughout the race would trade positions and would result in David Scott finishing 2nd and McLean 3rd. An amazing result from Kenny finishing 4th with his Will Speed buggy and Steve Harley finishing 5th from 10th on the grid. Euan would take 6th, Colin 7th, David Martin 8th, Kevin 9th and Gary 10th.


Pos Name             

1        Daniel Pole       

2        David Scott      

3        David McLean   

4        Kenny Clark      

5        Steven Harley  

6        Euan McLeod    

7       Colin McCaffery 

8        David Martin      

9        Kevin McDowall 

10      Gary Dunn          


Thank You!

On behalf of everyone at Dunfermline District Radio Car Club, thank you to everyone that attended the finale, thank you to everyone that took the time to let us know how great the track was and how much you enjoyed it. Thank you to all the club members that helped build the track, support it every week and a great committee that ensured the meeting ran without a hitch. 

Race Report by David McLean


That concluded the BRCA Scottish Regional championship for 2022. Congratulations to Daniel Pole who won both championships and in the process became one of, if not the youngest, Scottish 2wd and 4wd 10th Offroad champions. At 11 years old this is a great achievement, and we are likely to be seeing him at the sharp end of races for a while to come. 

Well done to Stevie Sheridan, Duncan Pole and all the other club reps who were instrumental in organising the series, which for its maiden year has had excellent attendance with around 80 drivers taking part. 

Kenneth Rogers – BRCA Scottish Officer