Twilight Wars (The Monster Returns) 2016

RC News

Back by popular demand, the GT12 Endurance race known as "Twilight Wars", Saturday 23rd April 2016 at Maritime Racing


The First Twilight wars saw 14 teams battle for 9 and a half (yes 9!) hours, this is going to be awesome!

Event Details:

Doors open 7.00am
Build / Practice Time Starts 7.30am
Race Starts 10.30am
Race Finish 8.00pm

Min 6 (Four to a team)
Max 14 (Four to a team)

Race Fee £170 per Team

1 x K164 SupaStox Atom Kit Pro

(inc Kit tyres)

2 x JFT-0335R GT12 Rear 35sh
2 x JFT-0240F GT12 Front 40sh
1 x G907 GT12 Body Type PGT3F 
( electrics and radio gear supplied by the team)
Optional tyre pack £23
( not included in booking fee)

2 x JFT-0335R GT12 Rear 35sh
2 x JFT-0240F GT12 Front 40sh

Booking in closes 13/04/15 20:00pm

Once booked in there are NO refunds
unless min number of teams is not met and meeting is canceled

All Drivers Must Have BRCA
( To show cards on the day )

supplied by team

Race Weight
950g including PT
Random checks at pit stops.

Ride Height
recommended 4mm
Never lower than 3.5m at all times

Build Rule
As kit no upgrades or options to be added

Max of 5 set ( three to be supplied by club in race fee )
Optional pack £23
( will be on sale on site )

Spider Grip Green X Strong (SGSX-125) – silver can, ‘carbon effect’ label, ‘green spider logo’.
Spider Grip Blue Strong (SGBS-125) – silver can, ‘carbon effect’ label, ‘blue spider logo’.
SXT 3.0 Traction Compound (SXT3) – translucent white bottle, black cap & label, sponge applicator.



6 Packs Max per Team
(to be marked by club at start of meeting)

Charge Rate 10amp
Discharge Rate 10amp

All charging to be done in side battery sack

1 person from each team has to be on the track
at all times ( Marshalling for all car has to be do fairly
to run in line with the nature of the meeting)
(Marshall to wear hi vis at all time supplied by club)

Grid Order
The grid order will be determined by the finishing order of the kit build.
I.E If you finish first with kit build you will be pole
finish build second and you will be second on the grid and so on down the grid order

Rules can be amended at anytime by Maritime Racing

Good Luck to ALL

more infor and booking