Notification - use of wet tyres in appropriate conditions:

From this Weekend's 4WD National round at Adur, there will be a procedural change. Rule 8.4 of the 10th EC rulebook states: "In severe weather conditions the Race Director is responsible to ensure that the track is in a suitable condition to race on." This rule will be extended to the use of suitable tyres in appropriate track conditions, with the committee present being able to determine if the use of a wet tyre is appropriate or not.

Therefore, at 2WD and 4WD National events, the nominated wet tyre must now only be used on a wet track during officially timed runs. Racers who do not abide by this will receive a penalty as per the rule book of losing their best round from qualifying.

We hope this is good news to you all and we can all get on with our racing as it should be!