Mendip BRCA 2wd On-Road National... 

The first round of this years BRCA 2wd On-road Championship kicked off at the Mendip circuit near Weston-super-Mare on what will be our last visit to the circuit as it is being redeveloped. This year we are back to four rounds of qualifying, best two to count, with two finals for all. 

In qualifying it was the Glen Westwood who took the first two rounds  of qualifying with his Schumacher which was enough to take pole position. Behind him it was Luke Lee and his X-Ray edging out brother Michael's Schumacher by virtue of having the faster time for the tie-break with both having a first and second. Next up was James Greener's X-Ray with a second and a third from Rob Chaldecott who had three thirds.  The finals saw Luke taking both legs for the overall win, from Glen with two seconds brother Michael who had two thirds and James was fourth.

In qualifying it was defending champion, Ben Moorey, who secured pole by taking the last two rounds with his Schumacher. Lining up second on the grid was the 2015 BRCA Clubman's 17.5 champion, Colin Jackson, with a first and a second with his Awesomatix, Jamie Hickin took third with his Awesomatix by vitue of the tie-break over Schumacher's Andy Murray.
Both legs of the final saw the same 1-2-3 with Ben winning from Colin and Andy with Jamie taking fourth overall. Top Under 17 Junior was Jonas Flannagan and Top Under 13 driver was Alfie Hart.

BELOW - Colin Jackson 

BELOW - Alfie Hart

BELOW - Ben Moorey 

Article written by Mike Haswell

Photos by Luke Lee

Published by Nikita Finnigan