Round 3 of BRCA Nationals at Brookthorpe. The team prepared a great track for us, with the periodic rain showers throughout the day on Saturday making it even more challenging!
Due to the heavy rain and time taken from rain breaks, qualifying was cut down to 4 rounds, with best 3 to count. Overall TQ was to be decided on Sunday morning, after another delayed start due to rain overnight - the top 3 overall was:
TQ Jonny Skidmore (XRAY)
2nd Elliott Boots (SWORKz) 
3rd Lewis Jones (WIRC) 

The finals gave us some brilliant action as a number of drivers were “out of position” compared to their expected final due to the “mixed up” qualifying (as a result of the weather!) That didn’t matter one bit come Sunday and it was great to see so many tight battles, with a number of drivers progressing through more than one “bump up” – notably Simon Reeves (HB) who progressed from 1/32 to the semis!!.

Here are the top 4 bump ups from each final:

1st Cayden Stenhouse (Mugen)
2nd Gavin Powell (HB)
3rd Matty Box (WIRC)
4th Bruce Lee (AE)

1st Connor Hamblett (HB)
2nd Dennis Holding (Mugen)
3rd Craig Russell (XRAY)
4th Lewis Trafford (Agama)

1st Simon Reeves (SWORKz)
2nd Cayden Stenhouse (Mugen)
3rd Gavin Powell (HB)
4th Daniel Troughton (Agama)

1st Connor Hamblett (HB)
2nd Jonathon Wolfe (Agama)
3rd Dennis Holding (Mugen)
4th Daniel Andrews (HB)

1st David Gibson (CPX)
2nd Simon Reeves (HB)
3rd Maxim Cook (WIRC)
4th Cayden Stenhouse (Mugen)

1st Dom Nunn (HB)
2nd Liam Brocklehurst (XRAY)
3rd Jonathon Wolfe (Agama)
4th Josh Holdsworth (XRAY)

1/8 B 
1st Simon Reeves (HB)
2nd David Gibson (CPX)
3rd Max McDonnell (AE)
4th Maxim Cook (WIRC)

1/8 A 
1st Jack Willetts (WIRC)
2nd Josh Holdsworth (XRAY)
3rd Darren Hayden Ball (SWORKz)
4th Dom Nunn (HB)

1st Mike Lewis (Mayako)
2nd Jon Hazlewood (Agama)
3rd Simon Reeves (HB)
4th Simon Willetts (Mugen)

1st Billy Grindley (SWORKz)
2nd Dom Nunn (HB)
3rd Bradley Baird (Mayako)
4th Josh Holdsworth (XRAY)


Semi B started with Elliott Boots (Sworkz) leading the pack ahead of Graham Alsop (HB). As the final progressed a few mistakes made by Graham Alsop allowed William Skidmore (XRAY) to pass and take 2nd . After passing Graham Alsop, William Skidmore caught up to Elliott Boots and passed to take the lead and eventually win the semi-final. A well-driven race from 7 th on the grid! The top 7 to bump from semi- final B was 1 st William Skidmore (XRAY), 2 nd Elliott Boots (SWORKz), 3 rd Kevin Brunsden (Agama), Graham Alsop (HB), Mike Lewis (Mayako), Jon Hazelwood (Agama) and Simon Willets (Mugen) in 7 th .

Semi-final A was led by Jonny Skidmore (XRAY) followed by Lewis Jones (WIRC), after a short battle between the top two a few errors allowed Skidmore to pull away. The top 7 completing the A final line up were, 1 st Jonny Skidmore (XRAY), Lewis Jones (WIRC), 3 rd Erik Lykke (Agama), 4 th Neil Cragg (AE), 5 th Ben Simpson (AE), 6 th Billy Grindley (SWORKz) and in 7 th James Le Pavoux (SWORKz).

Main Final
The A main started with William Skidmore leading from Elliott Boots and Jonny Skidmore. An early error from Jonny dropped him down the running order and gave way to a three way battle for 3 rd from Graham Alsop, Erik Lykke and Lewis Jones. As the raced progressed a few small errors grom Graham Alsop and Lewis Jones allowed Erik Lykke to pass. At the 30 minute mark the battle for the top 2 spots was raging on between Elliott and William until unfortunately William had an issue forcing him to stop in the center of the track. Elliott then took the lead for the remainder of the final and went on to win round 3 of the championship. Erik Lykke finished in 2 nd place with his first ever top 3 at a national (!) followed by Graham Alsop in 3 rd .



1st Place Finish - Elliott Boots (SWORKz)

2nd Place Finish -  Erik Lykke (AGAMA)

3rd Place Finish - Graham Alsop (HB)


1st Place Finish - Erik Lykke (AGAMA)

2nd Place Finish - Ben Simpson (AE)

3rd Place Finish - Billy Grindley (WIRC)


1st Place Finish - Graham Alsop (HB)

2nd Place Finish - Kevin Brunsden (AGAMA)

3rd Place Finish - Jon Hazlewood (AGAMA)



1st Place Finish - Josh Holdsworth (XRAY)

2nd Place Finish - Joe Chew (WIRC)

3rd Place Finish - Callum McLoughlin (KYOSHO) 



Thank you to the Brookthorpe Team for putting on a spectacular track and to the BRCA for running the meeting.


All Results are online now, and we will see you in August for Round 4 at North West Nitro.