BRCA Mid West Regional 4WD round 5: Telford Model Car Club

1/10th Off Road

Today marks the end of the 2016 regional 4WD championship. There was a good turn out, with 78 drivers in total. The day started sunny, with a potential threat of showers later in the day. The track was technical, proving challenging for most drivers.


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The weather stayed mainly dry through qualifying, with the odd light rain shower.
Tom Yardy TQ’d all four rounds. The battle for second was between Paul Robinson, Tony Bishop and Keith Robertson.

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Dave Dutton’s participated in the guest heat with his truck.

Individual round scores were as follows.

Round Scores(1)

After 4 rounds it was Paul Robinson who lined up second on the grid, with Tony Bishop in 3rd.

Top 10

BQ was Felix De Hamel, with Chris Bowater B2 and Stuart Harlow B3.

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A final Leg one
Tom Yardy won leg one by 9.8 seconds from Paul Robinson in second. Keith Robertson was third, followed by Kevin Lee, Dom Nunn, Tony Bishop, Brett Birch, Kit Jones, Mathew Dodd and Ben Pugh.

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A final Leg two
Just before the start of leg two the promised rain arrived. There was enough time to change tyres, so after a quick dash to the pits they lined up on a wet track.

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Tom Yardy took the leg two win, from Kevin Lee in second. Kit Jones was third, followed by Ben Pugh, Mathew Dodd, Dom Nunn, Brett Birch, Keith Robertson, Tony Bishop and Paul Robinson (retiring early due to a breakage).

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A final Leg Three
The track remained damp for leg three.
Tom Yardy won the leg, taking the overall meeting win.
Paul Robinson was second, followed by Keith Robertson, Kit Jones, Kevin Lee, Tony Bishop, Brett Birch, Dom Nunn, Mathew Dodd and Ben Pugh.

The A final overall result was as follows:
1. Tom Yardy
2. Paul Robinson
3. Kevin Lee
4. Keith Robertson
5. Kit Jones
6. Dom Nunn
7. Tony Bishop
8. Ben Pugh
9. Mathew Dodd
10. Brett Birch

Final winners
B Final: Felix de Hamel
C Final: Brian Preddy
D Final: Roger Mills
E Final: Elliott Taylor
F Final: Nathan Hewitt
G Final: Rick Kong Mckenzie
H Final: Dave Williams


The meeting ended with a trophy presentation. The series results were as follows

Under 13
Top U13: Tommy Hall

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Tommy and Jamie Hall collecting their trophies

Under 16
Top U16: Ben Pugh

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Top Under 16 Ben Pugh, with Felix De Hamel and Craig Parry

Top V40: Tony Bishop

Top V50

Top V50: Alec Springer

Top F2: Keith Robertson

Top F3: Dom Nunn

Top F4: Tommy Hall
Top F5: Craig Parry

Overall series top 10

1st Tom Yardy
2nd Paul Robinson
3rd Kevin Lee
4th Kit Jones
5th Keith Robertson
6th Tony Bishop
7th Mathew Dodd
8th Andrew Jones
9th Chris Bowater
10th Ben Pugh

Our series Top 3: Tom Yardy, Paul Robinson and Kevin Lee

Series trophy winners

A big thank you to Telford model car club for hosting, and to Tony Bishop and Stuart Whyman for managing the series.