East Of England 2017 Round 5 At Coastal Report

1/10th Off Road

East of England round 5 2017 at Coastal. Click 'read more' for the full report


The 2017 BRCA East of England regionals rolled in to Ipswich and the home of Coastal MCC venue for the penultimate round of this year’s championship. A full entry arrived bright and early to be greeted with overcast skies but importantly warm and dry conditions. With the drivers briefing completed the nine heats of practice got underway and some three quarters of an hour later and the first heat were passing through scrutineering ready for round 1. 


The lap with the blast along the main straight into a tight right hand hairpin with another very short straight following. Next followed a tricky section that required accuracy or could result in some lost time. There was a 90 degree left hander which took you up a short but steep hill, once at the summit there was a left right chicane where the apex’s were at the top and the bottom of the hill. Now drivers at the top of the hill headed along the back of the track into the mini corkscrew section which although a gentle decent had bumps which caught a lot of drivers out during the day. Continuing along the back straight over a small manmade bump, blast to the far right of the track and a 90 degree right hander sent you up a small manmade tabletop, another 90 degree right and a double step down. A quick flick right left followed by a very small straight where speed could be carried into the very open left hander sent drivers into the jump section. A wedge to launch from with a small tabletop and into the vertical wall, dropping down from this drivers blasted back along the straight to cross the line and complete a 

lap of Coastal. The general opinion from drivers was they preferred the more quicker flowing layout over last years more slower layout. 



In 2wd a ding dong battle ran throughout qualifying with home specialist George Fairweather expected to be at the front, however he was not having it all his own way with Stuart Collard showing some serious speed taking TQ in the last three rounds to line up on pole with George second. Danny Conway and Joe Howson as expected were also in the mix but throwing in some poorer than usual runs would line up third and fourth. Jody Howard on his home track came out to play in 2wd and would sit fifth. Simon Overall and Jonathan Brown comfortably in the A final sixth and seventh, with James Wright perhaps underperforming by his now high 2wd standards on his home track. Simon Hart and Darren Pollard were tied on points and both had a sixth and eight counting, so fastest time would be used to determine the last spot on the grid. Simon’s time was just 0.8 seconds quicker than Darren, unlucky Darren but congratulations Simon. 

In 4wd Danny Conway was a lot more comfortable taking the first three rounds to secure TQ, John Myall being the only other driver to stick in a 15 lapper during the four rounds of qualifying to sit an excellent second. Joe Howson would line up third with Kristian Gibbs putting the last round behind him would line up fourth, Steve Biscoe was trying out a development on his TM4 and struggled to fifth on the grid. Stuart Collard, Graham Kisby, Darren Pollard with more luck in 4wd would also take their places in the A 

final, with Jody Howard and Simon Overall completing the ten finalists. Martin Long would line up on pole in the B but in reality missed the A final by three points during the four rounds on qualifying. 




Once again the weather gods allowed qualifying to finish in the dry before dumping a whole bucket load of rain just before the D final in 2wd, luckily the rain did not last too long and by the time the finals were over we were back on a warm and dry surface. 

E Final – 

1st Harry Deeks 

2nd Owen Carter 

3rd Oakley Mattioli 

4th Norman Jepson 


D Final – 

1st Roger Gale 

2nd Joe Sharp 

3rd Matt Carey 

4th Matthew Deeks 

5th Ollie Deeks 

6th Paul Cooper 

7th Matthew Griffin 

8th Joshua Evans 

9th Scott Curlin 

10th Richard Sharp 


C Final – 

1st Ben Chester 

2nd Adam Bowyer-Lowe 

3rd Daniel Chilvers 

4th Dan Usher 

5th Phil Leach 

6th Chris Hampson 

7th David Foulger 

8th David Bloy 

9th Neil Newby 

10th Lee Hedges 


B Final – 

1st Chris Pennington 

2nd Tony Price 

3rd Carl Nunn 

4th Adam Spencer 

5th Connor Watkins 

6th Greg Stevens 

7th Simon Watson 

8th Lee Flynn 

9th Matt Barton 

10th Ben Hubbard




A Final – Leg 1 and Stuart Collard converted his P1 into a win closely followed by Danny Conway who in turn had home specialist George Fairweather snapping away at his heels in third. Jody Howard improving his starting place by one to finish fourth with Joe Howson dropping one place behind his junior rival. 

Leg 2 – Stuart Collard having the meeting of his season made it a double as all the A final were still coming to terms with the still wet surface, Stuart once again had Danny Conway it hot pursuit but kept his nerve to take the leg and overall win with Danny just 2 seconds behind. Simon Overall coming home third from sixth on the grid to give himself a shot at the podium. George Fairweather struggling somewhat in fifth just behind Joe Howson fourth, James Wright having a better leg 2 with sixth. 

Leg 3 – With Stuart sitting this one out Danny was clear favourite and he duly delivered, although James Wright was on a flyer and unlucky not to win the leg if it wasn’t for a couple of small mistakes. Jonathan Brown was another on a great run and crossed the line in third, Simon Overall fourth and Jody Howard another solid run in fifth. 

Overall. With the scores tallied up we had a clear winner with Stuart Collard having the two leg wins, Danny Conway took second overall and Simon Overall taking third by one point. James Wright and George Fairweather were tied on 8 points, James getting the nod with his leg 3 second place. Jody Howard and Joe Howson were tied on 9 points and places, so Jody’s fastest leg one time in the dry was enough to earn him sixth. 

1st Stuart Collard 

2nd Danny Conway 

3rd Simon Overall 

4th James Wright 

5th George Fairweather 

6th Jody Howard 

7th Joe Howson 

8th Jonathan Brown 

9th Darren Pollard 

10th Simon Hart 




With their close battle over the three legs in the A final Jody Howard took his first top junior of the year just with new champion Joe Howson second. Joe Sharp with a great run in the D final to take second and with it become third top junior for the day. 





D Final – 

1st Lucas Prendergast-May 

2nd Reggie Bloy 

3rd Rob May 

4th Ashley Roat 

5th Kirst Taylor 



C Final – 

1st Carl Dufton 

2nd Matt Carey 

3rd Matthew Burrows 

4th Daniel Chilvers 

5th Ashley Kew 

6th Joshua Evans 

7th Tony Archer 

8th Miklos Szabados 

9th Shaun Sivertsen 

10th Lee Hedges



B Final – 

1st Martin Long 

2nd Rob York 

3rd Chris Pennington 

4th Tony Price 

5th Craig Summers 

6th Stuart Joyce 

7th Justin Easey 

8th David Webster 

9th Neil Newby 

10th Greg Stevens 



A Final 

Leg 1 – Danny Conway converted his P1 in to a rather comfortable win by 7 seconds over Joe Howson in second and Steve Biscoe who was trying to get something out of a bad qualifying performance by his standards. John Myall would be a little disappointed to finish fourth in this one after a solid qualifying. 

Leg 2 –Danny in this one showing a clean pair of heels to finish as the only 15 lapper. John Myall having a better run comfortably in second with Stuart Collard continuing his great days racing coming from sixth to cross the line third. Sadly Kristian Gibbs who had a solid qualifying but had dropped out of leg 1 fared no better in leg 2 dropping after 2 laps to cost himself a chance of a high finish. 

Leg 3 – Joe Howson as if not to be outdone by Danny took the win with the only 15 lapper in this one, Graham Kisby after a quite legs 1 and 2 slammed in a second place and the already meeting winner Danny Conway in third. Jody Howard had a great last leg to take fourth and Steve Biscoe rounding out the top five. 

Overall – There was no doubting the winner with two leg wins it was Danny Conway who climbed the top step on the podium, Joe Howson with a solid last leg to add to his leg 1 result would be second overall, a rather surprised John Myall would take third overall with a mixed bag of final finishes. Fourth placed Graham Kisby, fifth placed Steve Biscoe and sixth placed Jody Howard were only split by 1 point and with more consistency could have troubled the top three. 

A Final 

1st Danny Conway 

2nd Joe Howson 

3rd John Myall 

4th Graham Kisby 

5th Steve Biscoe 

6th Jody Howard 

7th Stuart Collard 

8th Darren Pollard 

9th Simon Overall 

10th Kristian Gibbs




Joe Howson took top spot once again after his A final second place, but Jody Howard was not fair behind in sixth and with it was second top junior. Joshua Evans with his sixth place C final place rounded off a great day for him by taking third top junior for the day 



** Double Champion** 

Danny Conway was crowed double champion after the meeting, in 4wd he was fairly confident his victory would give him enough but with several different winners in 2wd we thought it would go down to the last round at Boughton. However a quick check of the scores on Monday saw that Danny could not be beaten whatever happens at Boughton. Congratulations Danny on retaining your double crown, I’m sure you’ll be pushed even harder in 2018. 

Thank you all to the Coastal crew who ran a great smooth meeting with all the races and presentations completed on schedule. We roll on to Boughton for the last round of 2017 with the podiums spots far