1/10 IC & GT8 BRCA Nationals Championship Finale Halifax 6th Round September 2021

10th IC Circuit

The final National and championship decider of the season took place at the premier newly resurfaced  Halifax circuit in West Yorkshire.


Drivers were greeted Saturday morning to a damp circuit due overnight rain with the track eventually drying out with good grip levels during open practice and timed heats later in the afternoon. 

 Halifax 3 

Cloudy but dry Sunday morning with similar conditions all day with occasional light showers . Grip was excellent with some drivers struggling with grip roll. 

 Halifax 2 

Halifax 6

After the 1st round of qualifying the pace setters were Adam Southgate  (GT8 Nitro ), Mark Green  (220mm GT ) and Alex Thurston (200mm Touring ), and John Wandsworth (GT8 E).

No change in round 2 but in round 3 Nigel Fox took FTD in GT8 E

John Wadsworth regained TQ in GT8 E in the final round with no change in the other classes. 

Halifax 5 


After the final  round of qualifying the positions were as follows:



GT8 Nitro        

1st. Adam Southgate TQ

2nd. Greg Hill

3rd. Ian McLarney


220mm GT           

1st. Mark Green TQ

2nd. Rob Scott

3rd. Richard Kozakiewicz


200mm Touring

1st. Alex Thurston

2nd. Stefan Chodzynski

3rd. Neil Wallace


GT8 Electric.           

1st. John Wadsworth

2nd. Andy Talbot

3rd. Nigel Fox 

 Halifax 8




B Final 200mm Touring

Veteran Bob Harley led from start to finish with a close tussle for second with Tobi Manser edging out Frank Noel by 7 seconds.


1st Bob Harley (Serpent)

2nd Tobie Manser (X-Ray)

3rd Frank Noel (X-Ray)


Halifax 11 B Final 200mm 

B Final 220mm GT


Byron Russell dominated throughout with a comfortable second for Jamie Goodall. Dev Mahatme was in close pursuit in third before a blown glow plug dropped him down the field. Fortunately for him he made up ground to make the podium.


1st   Byron Russell (Serpent)

2nd  Jamie Goodall (Serpent)

3rd  Devendra Mahatme (Serpent) 

 Halifax 12 B Final 220


 A Final GT8 Electric 


This was the best of three 5 minute finals .  John Wadsworth dominated with Nigel Fox in second and Andy Talbot completing the podium.     


1st. John Wadsworth (Serpent)

2nd. Nigel Fox

3rd. Andy Talbot

 Halifax 10 A Final GT8 E


A Final 200mm Touring 


Alex Thurston completed a clean sweep leading from the off with a fight between Matthew Cook in second just ahead of Stefan in third. Alongside each other when on the final corner Matt’s engine gave up allowing Stefan through.


1st Alex Thurston (Serpent)

2nd Stefan Chodzynski (Capricorn)

3rd Matthew Cook (Serpent)

 Halifax 13 A Final 200mm


A Final 220mm GT


 Mark Green was on another level winning by 8 laps from second placed Rob Scott.    Craig Woods, young Bailey and Richard K swapped places in third with Richard seemingly safe .However he was chased down by a charging Jamie Paton late on.


1st.    Mark green (Serpent )

2nd.   Rob  Scott (Capricorn)

3rd.    Jamie Paton (Capricorn 

Halifax 14 A final 220

A Final GT8 Nitro


TQ Adam Southgate took a comfortable lead for some time before Greg Hill made a sustained charge eventually overtaking Adam but only winning by a 9 second margin. Barry Thompson took a hard earned third to complete the podium. 


1st Greg Hill     

2nd Adam Southgate

3rd Barry Thompson  

Halifax 15 A Final GT8 Nitro


Championship Results


After the presentations for race day the trophies were awarded for the overall championships with five of the six rounds to count so a combination of speed and reliability the determining factors



220mm GT 


National Champion Rob Scott (Capricorn)

2nd Richard Kozakiewicz (Serpent)

3rd Richard Boult (Capricorn)



Rob Scott 500 points

Richard K. 485

Richard Boult 484

Craig Woods 478

Devendra M. 476

Byron Russell 475

Adrian Dew 474

Ian Arkell 459

Jim Beesley 459

Phil Edwards 458


Halifax 18 Champ 220mm 

GT8 Nitro


National Champion Mark Green (Serpent)

2nd Adam Southgate

3rd Mathew Baker



Mark Green 503  points

Adam Southgate 495

Matt Baker 485

Paul Dewsnap 475 

Derek McLarney 473

Ian Mclarney 470

Ian Hartill 456

Pete Yaffia 453

Steve White 383

Dave Dixon 371

Halifax 16 Champ GT8 Nitro

200mm Touring


National Champion Alex Thurston (Capricorn)

2nd James Conolly (Capricorn)

3rd Thomas Gil (Capricorn)



 Alex Thurston 505 Points

James Conolly 494

Thomas Gil 476

Nigel Philpott 471

Devendra M. 470

Bob Harley 457

Stefan C. 394

Matt Williams 382

James Humphries 366

Neil Wallace 194

Matt Dambrine     =194

Halifax 17 Champ 200mm

A fantastic finish to the season.Thanks to the Halifax club for the weekend’s racing and to the 1/10 committee for organising and completing a full national championship despite the difficult circumstance due covid etc.A special  mention to Craig Woods on setting up the timing for results and also to Bob Harley and John Russell for their never ending help and support both to the BRCA and the drivers.


Hoping for another successful season in 2022 !


Team Serpent 

Halifax 20 Capricorn Team

Team Capricorn

 Halifax 20 Capricorn Team