2022 1/10 IC & GT8 BRCA Nationals Round 1 Halifax 

10th IC Circuit

2022 1/10 IC & GT8 BRCA Nationals Round 1 Halifax - Here is what happened!


The  2022 season opener was held at the premier Halifax circuit on the 23rd/ 24th April. Following on from the AGM ,and to encourage new drivers, ,two new format

were introduced. Firstly to run both 1/10 200mm Touring and 1/10 220mm GT.        

Together according to race pace and ability. Secondly to introduce a separate championship for GT8 1/8 Electric in addition to the GT8 1/8th Nitro. Initial signs were promising with an entry of 56 drivers . 


Saturday was dry but cool with open practice in the morning .

The BRCA Committee welcomed the drivers and gave an introduction to the new formats and classes. After the drivers briefing there were  2 rounds of timed practice heats  .                         

6 Commitee

The Commitee


The usual top drivers were in attendance but several switching classes. Current 1/8 Nitro and 1/10 Nitro National Champion Alex Thurston was entered for the new 1/8 GT8 Electric class. Multi national champions Mark Green and Glyn Beal were in the 1/10 Nitro and GT8 Electric classes respectively.


Sunday morning was again dry but warmer with sunshine predicted . A practice round followed by 4 rounds of qualifying heats . Qualifying was very competitive throughout with the best times mainly coming in rounds 2 and 3.




The final qualifying positions were as follows :


GT8 1/8 Nitro

TQ Steve White

2nd Ian McLarney

3rd. Matt Baker


1/10 IC

TQ Ryszard Kozakiewicz - 220mm GT

2nd Richard Boult - 220mm GT

3rd. Stefan Chodzynski - 200mm Touring TQ


GT8 1/10 Electric

TQ Alex Thurston 

2nd Craig Woods

3rd  Glyn Beal




C Final 1/10 Nitro 


Adiz Mughal missed the start but justified his top qualifying pace by eventually chasing down young Freddie Parker who did well on his first national final . Nigel Philpott drove steadily to take the final podium spot.


1st Adiz Mughal (Serpent ) - 220mm GT

2nd Freddie Parker - 220mm GT

3rd Nigel Philpott (Capricorn) - 200mm Touring 

14 C Final 110 Nitro

B Final 1/10 Nitro 

Dominated from start to finish by Mark Green with Ian Arkell in second. Starting from 10th on the grid Dev Mahatme managed to come through the field to take third.

1st Mark Green (Serpent) - 220mm GT

2nd Ian Arkell (Serpent) - 220mm GT

3rd Dev Mahatme (Serpent) - 200mm Touring

15 B Final 110 Nitro

B Final 1/8 GT8 Nitro

Veteran Paul Dewsnap cruised this one with Ken Penny second and Amelia Batty completing the podium. 

1st Paul Dewsnap

2nd Ken Penny

3rd Amelia Batty

 10 B GT8 Nitro

A Final GT8 Nitro


TQ Steve White set off in front before mechanical issues dropped him down the field.Matt Baker took the win 2 laps in front of Barry, with Ian in third.

1st Matt Baker   

2nd Barry Thompson

3rd. Ian McLarney

11 A Final GT8 Nitro

B Final GT8 Electric

This was decided by the common electric racing format of three five minute finals with the best two to count for the overall result. This allows each driver to drop their worst run .

Lee Chapman ,a debutant  to this class but an experienced racer, dominated  all legs  taking the win with the Ramskills having a family duel taking the other podium spots. 

1st Lee Chapman

2nd Gareth Ramskill

3rd Charlie Ramskill

 12 B Final GT8 E

A Final 1/10 Nitro

TQ Richard K. led off but was hotly pursued by young Bailey. Eventually Bailey came through to take the win by less than 5 seconds after 30 minutes racing! Richard Boult took third place with Stefan C. leading the 200mm Touring cars.

1st Bailey Rice-Draycott (Xray) - 220mm GT

2nd Ryszard Kozakiewicz (Serpent) - 220mm GT

3rd Richard Boult (X-ray) - 220mm GT 

 16 A Final 110 Nitro

A Final GT8 Electric 

TQ Alex Thurston dominated all legs with a competitive Glyn Beal closing the gap to take second.After mixed fortunes in the heats a steady Paul Bellinger completed the podium.

1st Alex Thursday (Capricorn)

2nd Glyn Beal (Capricorn)

3rd Paul Bellinger (Serpent)

200 mm Touring 

 13 A Final GT8 E

1st Stefan Chodzynski

2nd John Withington

3rd Thomas Gill 

17 200mm Touring Podium

Team Serpent 

7 Team Serpent

A fantastic race weekend with the new GT8 Electric class very popular and lots of debate over the 1/10 Nitro mixed format. Thanks to all at the Halifax Club ,and the BRCA committee for all their hard work .Also a special mention to Craig Woods for his work on setting up the new timing and formats .


Team Capricorn

 18 Team Capricorn

Next round is at Wombwell on May 21st . All wellcome ! 


Team X-Ray

 19 Team X Ray