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UK 1/10 Off-Road Truck Section 

Chairman’s Introduction

Welcome to the BRCA Truck section that caters for electric 2WD and 4WD 1/10 Short Course Trucks (closed wheel) and electric 2WD 1/10 Stadium Trucks (open wheel) which are based on real racing classes around the world - search on the internet to see how exciting these classes are!

All ages and abilities are welcome and the classes encourages junior racers as an ideal place to begin their racing career with simple reliable vehicles that are easy to maintain while being rewarding to drive. With low running costs and durable tyres the class is seen as a fun way to enter the world of RC racing within a reasonable budget. 

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The National series offers its racers unrivalled value for money in terms of track time with no less than 7 races through the day with 4 rounds of qualifying and 3 rounds of finals for all. The Series takes place on some of the best UK Off-Road race venues on a variety of surfaces with plenty of variation to test your skills!

With increasing popularity and a great bunch of travelling racers more families are joining us making it a great way to spend weekends away amongst friends.

Truck Racing can be as competitive as you want it to be but the emphasis is about having FUN! 

By Mark Ashforth

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