Boots off to a flyer at round 1!

8th Rally X

Juliet Exall reports from round 1 of the BRCA Rally X Nationals


The weekend of May 18/19th saw the first round of the BRCA Rallycross nationalstake place at HNMC, Ware in Hertfordshire. The much anticipated and late start to the season didn’t disappoint!

A freshly oiled surface and a slight change in layout at the famous Herts track saw the first round of qualifying start in the warm overcast conditions and it was Elliott Boots and his Reds powered Sworkz that took the TQ! His distinctive Red machine was the only one to make the 8laps! In previous years Elliott has dominated at Herts, a track he knows well but would his new ride produce a similar outcome. The AE of Jamie Clancy got second in round as the talented driver tried to catch Boots up, and Xray Driver Callum Niblett that got the 3rd in round. 

Round 2 saw Boots take the TQ again, with another 8 laps, but this time it was young AE driver Lewis Jones who got 2nd with his Alpha powered machine after a great consistent drive in his heat! Once again Callum Niblett who took third! 

Callum went on to take round three with his Nova Rossi powered Xray, just 1.1s off the 8 laps produced by Boots in the previous two rounds! The Reds powered AE of Clancy appeared again at No2 with the HB of Graham Alsop clinching third with a great run!

Round 4 was the last of the day and Jamie finally got the TQ he was looking for, this time leaving Boots 2nd and the Bullett powered Agama of Joni Skidmore in 3rd!! 

Lots of contenders for the top positions meant that Sunday’s qualifying needed to be fast and  furious! A fine day greeted the racers once again as the action started at 8am Sharp, with the TQ up for grabs it would need another superb run by the top drivers to get it! 

Boots turned it on again for his heat and once again managed an amazing 8 laps, the only driver to achieve this all weekend!!! This round would see Infinity driver Lee Martin take 2nd and another third for Joni Skidmore! 

Elliott Boots took overall TQ with his Sworkz/REDS/Proline machine.

This meant the top ten looked like this after all 5 rounds:

Elliott Boots talking the TQ and Pole in his Semi final with Jamie Clancy 2nd and Pole in the other Semi final! 

The first final of the day was the B 1/64 and it saw the Agama of Matthew Roberts on Pole! After a tricky start he dropped back to 5th but a decent 20mins meant he got 4th as the buzzer went. The second place man Adrian Svensson lead from the first to the last with a very steady drive for him and his Agama! In 2nd was Mark Beattie and third the Kyosho of Andy Pierce. 

The A 1/64 saw several of the drivers fight for the bumps over the 20mins. The top spot was contested by Ricky Clark’s Kyosho and the HB of Josh Powney, both taking turns in the lead, eventually it was the HB driver that took the win with the JQ of James Hargreaves coming home 2nd, just behind him were the pair of Kyoshos of Ian Slater and Matthew McAuley who finished 3rd and 4th respectively!

The B 1/32 was dominated by the Xray of Torben Lundburg, he took the win by 18s from the HB of Mark Kay, he was followed by Clive Maland and his AE Buggy but drive of the final was from Adrian Svensson from 11 took another bump up after making his way through the competitive field! 

A 1/32 was a good battle between a few drivers at the head of the pack, with a few overtakes for the lead, it was the Kyosho of Steve Shakespeare eventually who took the win from pole sitter Nathan McLaughlin and his kyosho! They were joined in the bump up spots by the pair of Sworkz of Paul Taylor and Ashley Patterson! 

Up into the B 1/16ths and a brilliant drive from Clive Maland and his AE buggy saw him come from the back of the pack in 13th to lead a major part of the first half of the race! He went on to finish a very respectable 7th. Pole man Jay Williams regained his lead in the later part of the race and he crossed the line the winner. 2nd was Sean Berryman and his Agama. 3rd and 4th was hotley contested by a number of drivers including bump up man Lundburg, but it was the Sworks of Sam Cobley that clinched 3rd less than 2s ahead of the AE of Ben Turner. A brilliant race to the final buzzer!

The A 1/16th was dominated from start to finish by The Xray of Anthony Conroy, he lapped the rest of the field after a stunning drive! Crossing the line in 2nd was the AE of Harvey Ward also some way clear of the next man up Matt Bridge and his Tekno machine over 10s behind! 4th was Gary Gregory and his Xray after a steady drive from 6th on the grid. 

The B 1/8th was a thriller with some great wheel to wheel racing from the top 3 drivers! From 6th the Agama of Mark Everett took the win just 3.5s ahead of Jay Williams who secures his 2nd promotion in fine style, he was very closely followed by Darren Warburton and his Agama just 1.5s behind! Mick Butler rounded off the top 4 with his HB!

The Other 1/8th final saw another stunning drive by Conroy....he climbed from 11th to 5th in one lap and went on to get the win after taking the lead in the second half of the race, even building a 10s gap from 2nd place man and the AE of Jack Hawkins. He was the 1st in a trio of close racers with Jason Patey and Jon Spencer following him home with just over 5s covering the 3 racers, all three securing bump ups to the 1/4 finals!

The first 1/4 final was very competitive, the HB of John Holmes lead from start to end with a dominating display! The story behind him was very different with the Losi of Mike Daniel, the Mugen of Dennis Holding and the AE of Robson White all trying to catch Holmes and each taking turns to chase him down, it was all three that gained promotion despite some great driving by Dom Nunn and his Xray and Carlo de Marco and his Tekno who were also in the mix! 

A brilliant drive by Bradley Baird and his JQ collected the top spot on the other 1/4 final, he finished 9s ahead of the number two man Dylan Saunders. Next up was the all new “Agama” of Jon Hazelwood gaining his spot in the semi and he was closely followed by Dave Bailey of AE. 

So who would gain entry to “the big show” The A main places were up for grabs with 7 from each Semi final being promoted! 

Lee Martins Infinity warming up!

In the first Semi a fine race by the AE driver Clancy and Infinity man Lee Martin saw them battle it out for the lead, crossing the line number one gave them the chance of pole in the main was the Reds powered AE of Clancy that held his lead with Lee 2.5s behind in second. The ever present Graham Alsop rounded off the top three, but just in front of the AE of Michael Lewis. 5th to 8th were so close, the drivers circulating the track together, after the full 20mins it was James Le Pavoux (Kyosho), Lewis Jones(AE) and Will Skidmore(Agama) that took the bump spots! 

Joni Skidmores Agama/Bullitt/Hotrace Machine.

The 2nd Semi final was once again dominated by Boots! He lead from start to finish, with a great display of driving. Behind him it was the Xray of Callum Niblett and Agama of Joni Skidmore that we’re battling it out for 2nd, a superb drive by Joni saw him finish second with Callum behind him in 3rd, the pair both very fast and consistent! Starting 4th and finishing 4th was the ever consistent Neil Cragg and his Alpha powered AE, with team mate Matt Lewis following him home for 5th. The final Promotions went to the Sworkz of Kevin Brunsden and the Tekno of Mitchell Booth.

The 45min main featuring some the top drivers in the country would not disappoint! Another unusual occurance was two pairs of brothers making the main final, with Matt and Mike Lewis and Joni and Will Skidmore! A great achievement for both families and something rarely seen I’m sure!

As the buzzer went Boots flew out the blocks, but he was being hunted by Lee Martin, Jamie Clancy and Joni Skidmore. The 4 drivers were “flying” ahead of the rest of the pack, and some stunning driving was witnessed by all who stayed to watch! Unfortunatley Jamie had to return to the pits with a mechanical problem on lap 22, a real shame as he was certainly in the mix for a podium spot after showing some great pace. This left Joni Skidmore and Lee Martin to battle it out and try to reel in boots at the same time and what a battle it was! Joni would pass Lee on a couple of occasions only to make a mistake allowing Lee past again but on lap 56 it was a rare mistake from Lee that allowed Joni through and this time the young Agama driver kept his cool to bring home 2nd place just 15 seconds behind Elliott Boots after the 45 minute A Main with Lee completing the podium in 3rd.

The top 3 cars after the A Main.


The full results and championships can be found in our results section.

Well done to all competitors and to HNMC for providing a fantastic venue to kickstart the 2019 season! See you all at round 2!