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BRCA Rally X 2019 Entries

8th Rally X

BRCA Rally X Nationals Booking in information...



So are you ready for 2019 Nationals....booking in opens at 9am tomorrow morning (Saturday 5th January) for all members....

Please note priority booking in for those members who competed in 4 or more rounds in 2018 will end on 21st January, all entries received by these members after this date will be considered the same as those without priority..... 

And of course you will need to be a member so make sure you have renewed your membership.

Any logging in problems must be raised with the contact forms on the BRCA website we can’t help with this. 

Instructions on how to book in are on the website, you simply log in, select the events you wish to enter, select the discount if applicable and check out where you will receive payment information!! Payment must be sent as soon as possible, non payment will result in no place!

Live Drivers lists will be sorted and published at the end of Jan/beginning of Feb so people who have places have plenty of time to sort things out. Any payments received from people who do not get a place will also be returned at this point.

If you have any further queries please let us know....

Book in here from Saturday 5th January 9am.



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