BRCA Rallycross Rd 4 - Herts - Report

8th Rally X

Juliet Exall reports from round 5 of the BRCA Rally X Nationals held at HNMC

The 4th round of the BRCA RallyCross Pro Nationals took place at the awesome HNMC in Hertfordshire. The long established track providing some great technical parts and some fast sweeping corners, combined with the beautiful sunny weather we were in for a brilliant weekend of racing.


Qualifying went to Xray driver Joni Skidmore after he managed the TQ in the first 3 rounds. Elliott Boots and his Sworkz machine got 2nd after a great TQ in round 5 and his Sworkz team mate Callum Niblett got 3rd. 4th went to William Skidmore and his Xray machine and 5th to Jnr driver Dylan Saunders and his Sworkz buggy got 6th after he got TQ in round 4z


Finals started Sunday morning in the brilliant sunshine, lower finals results were as follows:-


B 1/64

1st Steve Guppy

2nd Ian Slater

3rd Chris Proctor

4th Ricky Clarke


A 1/64

1st Colin Davies

2nd Jake Dell

3rd Darren Moffatt

4th Lewis Millman


B 1/32

1st Anthony Conroy

2nd Steve Guppy

3rd Mike Williams

4th Charlie Tomlinson


A 1/32

1st David Rose

2nd Adam Buckholt

3rd Ben Turner

4th Allan Ward


B 1/16

1st Antony Williams

2nd Colin Brennan

3rd Mark Everett

4th Steve Guppy


A 1/16

1st Chris Sharpe-Simkiss

2nd Dave Williams

3rd Michael Rivière

4th Michael Shorey


B 1/8

1st Chris Grimes

2nd Daniel Austin

3rd Matt Box

4th Jon Spencer


A 1/8

1st Cayden Stenhouse

2nd Robson White

3rd Toby Nicoll

4th Harry Weymouth


B 1/4

1st Jon Hazelwood

2nd Mitchell Booth

3rd Maxim Cook

4th Darren Hayden-Ball


A 1/4

1st Jamie Hall

2nd James Le Pavoux

3rd Ben Simpson

4th Billy Grindley


The semi finals are always great finals, as half of the final bump to the main. Elliott Boots was pole in the B side and he led every lap! He eventually crossed the line just short of 15s up from 2nd. The real battle was behind him! Rough starts by Will Skidmore from 2nd and Jamie Clancy from 3rd saw them drop back into the pack, initially Agama driver Kevin Brunsden taking the 2nd spot behind Elliott but it was the AE man Neil Cragg who passed Kevin on Lap 2 and went on to bring his AE home in 2nd. He was pushed over the line by a chasing Will Skidmore who ended up just over 1s behind him in 3rd. Jamie Clancy after a hard fought battle through the field took 4th. 5th was taken by Kevin Brunsden. AE driver Darren Bloomfield crossed the line in 6th and in 7th after a brilliant drive from 11th on the grid was Jon Hazelwood for his 2nd bump up of the day!


A superb start by Joni Skidmore in the 2nd semi final saw him go out in front, he led for the first few laps but Agama man Lee Martin and the Sworkz of Dylan Saunders were hunting him down. Dylan managed to take the lead around lap 7, with Lee just behind as Joni dropped back, Dylan drove an amazing race to  bring his car home 1st in the Semi but he was pushed the whole way by Lee who’s time was just half a second of Dylan’s as they crossed the line and he was also being pushed by a resurgent Joni Skidmore who also finished less than half a second behind Lee! 4th across the line was the HB of Graham Alsop and then his HB team mate Simon Reeves, both drivers having a great race! The AE of Jamie Hall was 6th. The last place went down to the wire with Taro Cradock and his Kyosho going head to head with the SWorkz of James Le Pavoux, both having started at the back of the grid. A brilliant on track battle between the pair saw James take the final bump spot into the main after an overtake on the final lap! Superb racing by the pair.


The main final would start with Boots on pole and Saunders in 2nd. Elliott had a good start and retained his place in the first series of laps but Saunders managed to get past, the young Sworkz driver leading the main final and driving the race of his life! He looked superb keeping some big names behind him for the majority of the race, but, Joni Skidmore was on a mission, after dropping back to 6th at the start he was driving hard to catch the top drivers, eventually ending up behind Saunders, and catching him a little every lap. Joni got passed in the later stages of the race and the crowd saw him pull out a small gap, but the reigning champion was not going to have it all his own way. Dylan and Joni would have a fantastic fight to the finish, with both having laps in the lead, Dylan was in front with a lap to go but Joni tried to pass and tangled with Dylan opening up the track for Clancy who was in 3rd from seemingly know where, Clancy swept passed them both and went on to take the win, with Dylan 2nd and Joni in 3rd. All the drama in the last minute of the 45min Long main. An unbelievable finish and a first national win for Mugen Driver Jamie Clancy and a first podium for Jnr Sworkz driver Saunders, meaning he wins the Jnr Championship for 2022!


The final result means that Boots and Skidmore go into the last national of the year on equal points, so round 5 becomes the decider at Nemo Raceway in August.


Full results can be found here


Thanks to all of the HNMC crew, the BRCA team and all the racers on another successful weekend of racing. Bring on round 5!!!!