Important Information - 2018 Rally X National Entry...

8th Rally X

Entry for the BRCA Rally X National series is changing for 2018.

For the 2018 BRCA Rally X National series we will be moving to an on line booking in system which can be found here on the main BRCA website. This is a first for the BRCA Rally X section and we are sure you will all agree it is a little overdue!

We will be rolling this out in stages and this year the entries will be made on line replacing the previous paper entry forms but everything else will remain the same regarding payment and entry selection etc. All we are doing at this stage is replacing the paper forms with an on line entry system.

Here are some important dates and information for your diaries:

BRCA Membership renewal - Open Now! Please renew your current BRCA license, you will need this to enter the 2018 Rally X Nationals. Please also keep a note of your username and password for this site as you will need to be logged in to enter any events.

Friday December 1st - This is the date that the 2018 calendar will be announced. On this date you will be able to view all the dates and venues for the 2018 season.

Sunday January 7th - On this date you will be able to enter the whole series or individual events. If you are entering the whole series please select this as an event, if you only want to enter individual rounds then you can also select these too.

Sunday January 28th - If you competed in the 2017 Rally X nationals and finished in the top 50 then you have until this date to take advantage of your priority entry. You can still enter after this date but you will lose your priority status.

We will be giving drivers plenty of reminders before booking in officially opens at 9am on the 7th January but we feel that it is important to spread the word and give all drivers plenty of time to digest the changes.