Notice of use of headsets - BRCA RallyX

8th Rally X

Important information regarding the use of headsets...

Dear competitors,

The BRCA Rallycross committee have been asked a small number of times in recent years what the position on the use of headset systems to allow communication between drivers on the rostrum and mechanics in the pit lane is.  Given the improvement in technology etc, the committee thought it worth being clear on this for BRCA Rallycross events from 2018 onwards.

For any such system to be used, the committee would need to know this was required due to a genuine medical condition, rather than any competitor trying to gain an advantage.

So, if any competitor did wish to use such a system, they must request this, in writing, to the Section Chairman, ahead of the event(s) that they are due to compete at.  The competitor would also need to provide written confirmation from a GP/doctor that the condition was genuine in terms of hearing difficulties.

We hope this clarification is clear and useful.  Please contact the Section Chairman or Secretary if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

BRCA Rallycross Committee