1/8 Circuit Cotswold Open 17th-18th October 2020 Information

1/8th Circuit

Cotswold will host the next meeting of the 1/8 Circuit open series,

all access will be via the northern gate entrance only. Face masks are mandatory at all times, ensure social distancing and a one way system will be in use.

Airfield entry and exit protocol!!!

Please read and ask any questions please we have to ensure we follow these reasonably simple rules.

1) You must stop and enter the gate code at the key pad even if the gate is open already.

2) Only and only if you know the car directly behind you is a racer can you continue otherwise stop and ensure the gate is fully closed behind you. If you are the car behind still stop to enter the monthly membership code or guest code and wait if you are last in line or don’t know the car behind you. Anyone who knows the code will know how the system works also!

3) No one is expected to enter into conflict with anyone else who is trying to enter the airfield if asked please refer them to the airfield security team the phone number is on the gate for them to call.

4) On exit you must also ensure the gate closes behind you before you continue. As above if the car behind is known to you, you may continue if no car behind you wait for the gate to close!

5) If you inadvertently let someone in and something happens they get hurt something gets stolen the airfield is liable and that will come back on us and we really don’t want to become a pain in their ass and something they could do without! Please appreciate with all the recent arrivals BA planes and the like at the airfield this has become a security issue for them and we could be made to provide a Marshall at the gate to ensure we can still run and no one will want that job! Follow the rules please we are informed of people who don’t follow the rules there is multiple CCTV cameras at the gate so let’s not make this awkward!

Track information

Covered pits 

Pizzas will be on the go + hot and cold drinks

Usual C19 rules apply. Bring your own PPE and masks, they must be worn at all times while at the track.


 Please find below links to practice heats and weekend schedule:-




Practice heats