1/8 Circuit 'the Formula 1 of RC Racing' begins this weekend

1/8th Circuit

The series begins this weekend at Cotswold model car club, so pop along to see the action.


Saturday is practice day and Sunday qualifying/finals.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfcLoO17dpA&list=UUAeH2tImRgyVUEp657qPp6g&index=16 - Action from 2016


Cotswold Airport
GL7 6FD Kemble, Gloucestershire



Young Matthieu Dambrine GP2 Champion’s view

Over the years, I've had the opportunity to race in many different classes, (for instance F1, gt12, 1/10 200mm and 220mm nitro, 1/10 electric touring car, micro buggies, 2 and 4WD buggies, mini z and Tamiya trucks). I must say, however, that 1/8 is the best and by far my favourite, especially nitro with the mind-blowing speed. I have driven the electric and nitro cars back to back and, although they both are amazing, my preference still goes to the nitro, thanks to the phenomenal speed, noise, competition and overall experience. I started 1/8 two years ago with a basic engine, which was more than enough to be competitive, with a basic setup, all chassis will have a very good handling and a lot of grip, which makes for great racing. I remember when I first started... I wasn't sure that it was for me, but I quickly changed mind. The cars are actually easy to drive, and they are great fun, whatever your previous experience. A second-hand chassis could be a very good starting point, so come and join us at a race track near you for an amazing experience. When I started everyone was very welcoming and I received all the necessary advice to get going and quickly started doing well with a car and an engine that were standard. See you trackside.