1:8th Circuit Round 7 Cotswold race report

1/8th Circuit

Daniel Ludena takes first win in rain hit Cotswold race as Craig Nutting wraps up Electric title..


Last weekend was Round 7 of the BRCA 1/8th Nationals circuit at the Cotswolds track, and quite an eventful round it was. The turnout was a bit disappointing, probably due to the weather forecast. We had 32 drivers booked in nitro and 11 drivers booked in electric. Ollie Payne, European 12th scale champion, was in attendance and we were eager to see how his driving would suit an 8th scale.

 Zen racing

Things started quite well as the Saturday morning was very nice, sun shining and pleasant temperatures. The track quickly got busy, with everyone wanting as much track time as possible before the rain arrived. And it did arrive. From 4 pm people started to pack away as it was indeed raining, with the forecast saying that Sunday would be wet too. Some straight away took the decision of not running if it was raining, others would wait till the morning, and the hardcore racers would know they would hit the track whatever the weather. On the Sunday drivers were asked during briefing to confirm they would actually race and the heats were amended as only 17 nitro and 7 electric drivers went ahead with racing.

Wet Cotswold

The track was rather wet and greasy, making for a nice ballet of cars struggling for grip on or around the racing line. Some were on Kisslings, others on damps but there did not seem to be any magic tyres out there. Quite a few drivers were waiting for round 2 or even round 3 to run in the hope that the track would be more driveable. 10 nitro drivers took part in round 1, 12 in round 2, 14 in round 3. It started to eventually dry a bit before the drizzle came back. Andy Hastings (Shepherd 15 laps 306.05) took pole, followed by Tim Wood (Shepherd 15 laps 306.22) and Mark Green (Serpent 15 laps 306.23). Ollie had qualified 11th and later decided not to run in his final. In Electric Craig Nutting (ARC 14 laps 317.75) took pole, followed by Adrian Dew (Serpent 13 laps 305.52) and Paul Bellinger (Serpent 13 laps 307.55).

 Infinity Tim Wood set up


The electric cars were out first on a wet track and after 7min30 the first leg was won by Craig Nutting (would could secure the championship today), followed by Matthieu Dambrine (best lap of the race with a 21.24) and Jamie Paton. Craig also won leg 2, which gave him first place today but also first place in the championships. Jamie was 2nd in leg 2 and Dave Gerard 3rd. Overall, for today, the final positions were Craig Nutting 1st, Jamie Paton 2nd and Matthieu Dambrine 3rd. The electric leg 1 was followed by the B nitro which was won by Geraint Williams with 42 laps in 20min05, followed by Rob Scott and Earl Mclean. The best lap for this final was Steven Smith in 23.93 on a wet track.

Craig Nutting Championship winner

Craig Nutting takes Electric 1/8 Circuit Championship with ARC R8.1e from Zen Racing

The A final nitro was next. Would Tim Wood win again? He certainly had a good pace but the surprise came from Daniel Ludena. The Shepherd driver had qualified 6th but straight away challenged Tim for the lead. Tim, not helped by dodgy damps, could not defend and Dan took the lead, which he kept to the end. I think the whole of the Cotswolds heard him express his joy when he crossed the finish line at the end of the 30 minutes on 76 laps, some 3 laps ahead of Tim. Not sure who from Dan or dad Amando was the proudest. Sam Snell finished in 3rd place. Best lap was for Tim in 20.74 on lap 70. Poleman Andy’s engine unfortunately flamed out on the grid but was able to restart, Mark Green stopped on lap 9 and David Spashett, who qualified 4th, had decided not to run. This was indeed an eventful weekend, let’s see what round 8 at Wombwell on 16th September brings us.

 Daniel L

A Final Winner - Daniel Ludena Blake