BRCA 8th Circuit Clarification

1/8th Circuit

At the 2017 BRCA 8th Circuit Section AGM a proposal was put forward that the surfaces of the circuits we use can be treated with an additive applied to the surface by the organising team for the purposes of enhancing the grip levels for all. 


During discussion at the AGM it was identified that the current Construction and Operating Rules and Race Procedures stated that the treatment of tyres with additive was prohibited, this would conflict with the proposal if passed. To that end two members present proposed an amendment to remove the words "Treatment of tyres with additive is prohibited" from the Construction and Operating Rule. 
This would further require the 8th Circuit Committee to reconsider their 2018 Race Procedural Guidance to accommodate this amendment if accepted as this conflicted with current race procedures as published for 2017. 
The committee at the AGM sought clarification from the most senior BRCA Executive Officer available who advised amendment to the proposal was permitted within the scope of the BRCA Constitution and the proposal and amendment duly voted on. This succeeded by majority vote of those members present. 

The BRCA Chairman was consulted as it was considered that the amendment to the proposal and the proposal itself was somewhat ambiguous and he suggested the Section Committee consider clarifying the matter. 

The BRCA 8th Circuit Construction and Operating Rules state that they are written on the basis that if it does not say you can do something you cannot.

Therefore the Committee have clarified the situation as follows :

At any BRCA 8th Circuit National meetings the only additive permitted is that applied to the track's surface prior to or during the meeting by the organising team.

Andrew Mollett

BRCA 8th Circuit Section Chairman

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