8th Circuit Section Conference 2021 Proposals

1/8th Circuit

BRCA 8th Circuit Section Conference 2021 Proposals, As the racing season draws to a close its time for the section conference. 

Proposals for our section need to be completed using the BRCA Proposal Forms found below.

Proposal Forms 

Rules: https://www.brca.org/agm/brca-rule-proposal-form

Committee Positions:  https://www.brca.org/agm/brca-committee-proposal-form

Any proposals received after the deadline will be held over for the 2022 Section AGM. Please ensure that your proposals state the current rule (if any), and reference number along with your proposed new wording. also can we ask that you give a summary of the reason for change in the description box.
All received proposals will be published on the BRCA website shortly after cut off date.
For your proposal to be heard it must be seconded by a current BRCA member on the day.
BRCA 8th Circuit Secretary

Please find the full instructions here on the AGM Page