BRCA 1/8 Circuit Round 7 race report

1/8th Circuit

The section was in Kent this weekend at the Brooklands track for the 7th round of the


national Championship. 27 drivers had booked in nitro and 4 in electric. At booking in drivers were given the choice of either running the track clockwise or anticlockwise and the vast majority chose to run the track clockwise as usual.

The weather forecast looked good for the whole weekend and before we talk about the race we need to thank the Zen-Racing Team for cleaning the track on Friday afternoon.

There was more dusting and spraying the track on Saturday morning (Thanks Lee and Niall) which meant that there would be good grip straight away for practice day.

Drivers briefing took place on the Sunday morning as usual and things started straight after with 1 round of practice in heat order.

Briefing Track

Round 1

Electrics were out first and Craig Nutting led the way.

In nitro David Spashett set the pace with 22 laps in 311

Round 2

Rob Scott took that round in electrics with a 21 in 312, followed by Craig Nutting and John Russell.

In nitro Mark Green set FTD with a 22 in 307, followed by David and Tim Wood.

Round 3

No changes in electric.

In nitro Mark Green improved with a 22 in 305, now followed by Tim and David.

Round 4

Craig Nutting improved and set a time that would now be electric FTD

The start order for the electric finals would then be:

Craig Nutting 21 laps in 310

Rob Scott 21 in 312

John Russell 18 in 315

Adrian Dew 12 in 199

A few drivers improved but Mark would keep FTD. The start order for the A Final was:

Mark green 22 laps in 305.40

Tim Wood 22 in 305.84

David Spashett 22 in 309.62

James Connolly 22 in 310.35

Andrew Hastings 22 in 312.08

Richard Hicklin 22 in 313.24

Giorgio Acanfora 21 in 301.40

Neal King 21 in 302.11

Jack Garrett-Lines 21 in 306.46

John Carr 21 in 308.70

The top 3 at the start of the B final were

Niall Cochran (21 in 309), Matthieu Dambrine (21 in 313) and Sam Snell (21 in 314)

The top 3 at the start on the C final were Greg Dakin (19 in 304), Jack Brann (19 in 309) and Earl McLean (18 in 303)

Jack Brann is 13 and this is only is 2nd nitro race. Congratulations also to Jack’s younger brother Tom for racing nitro with us for the first time.

The electric final leg 1 was first on the line and went to Craig with 20 in 307, closely followed by Rob (20 in 308) and Adrian (19 in 303). Rob had the fastest lap with a 14.77

Leg 2 was run after the nitro A final and we could expect a close battle again between Craig and Rob. After a contact on laps 5 between the 2 cars Craig had to retire. Rob won leg 2, Adrian came second. John Russell did not start.

The overall results for electrics were:

1st place: Rob Scott

2nd place: Craig Nutting

3rd place: Adrian Dew


There was a 10 minute gap between each final so drivers for the C final nitro had plenty of time to get ready after the 1st electric leg. Who was more nervous though? Jack Brann because he could win the C? Tom Brann because it was his first final? Or was it dad Brann for having to manage 2 cars?

The start was clean and Greg Dakin was straight away on the winning pace. Jack was close behind for a while but a few issues prevented him from challenging Greg. Earl had a steady race and finished 2nd. Tom kept it on the black stuff to actually finish 3rd. Well done young man. Nobody is too young to race 8th nitro J. The fastest lap was for Greg in 14.99

1st place Greg Dakin 73 laps in 1200

2nd place Earl McLean 59 laps in 1208

3rd place Tom Brann 58 laps in 1205

C final podium

The start of the B final was not as clean as it could have been. A bit of a dodgy release for car 2 (Matthieu) meant that he was 10th at the end of the first lap and had to charge for the 25 minutes.

Sam Snell was on a mission from the off but had to retire 2 minutes before the end, leaving the lead to Niall, followed by Matthieu who had regained his 2nd place during those 25 minutes.

The top 3 for the B final were:

Niall Cochran 98 laps in 1510

Matthieu Dambrine 96 laps in 1510

Sam Snell 87 laps in 1399 (also fastest lap in 13.80)

B Final

There was some drama at the start of the A final. David had to call for a 10min delay following a technical issue, meaning he would start at the back of the grid.

Clean get away from the 10 drivers. The first few laps saw Mark and Tim pull away. This time it was David who had to charge to regain his spot. Andy H was in a strong 3rd place until a plug blew in his Picco. This put him right down the positions, and a further small issue kept him out of the top 3 or 4.

4 drivers (Giorgio, Richard, John and Neil) had to retire.

Tim managed to overtake Mark who then took advantage of Mark’s tyre change to keep the lead until the checkered flag.

The finished order for the A final was:

Tim Wood 129 in 1803

Mark Green 128 in 1804

David Spashett 126 in 1811

James Connolly 123 in 1814

Andrew Hastings 119 in 1808

Jack Garrett-Lines 114 in 1809

Neal King 57 in 813

John Carr 56 in 1154

Richard Hicklin 48 in 1594

Giorgio Acanfora 12 in 221

Podium A final

Thanks to all for taking part in Round 7 and making it a very enjoyable weekend overall. See you at Halifax for the GP at the end of the month. 

Franck Dambrine