BRCA 1/8th Circuit - Round 2 Adur Race Report

1/8th Circuit

“Welcome to sunny Adur” seemed to be the catchphrase of the weekend, and sunny it was indeed.


This weekend was the second round of the 1/8th onroad championships, held at the Adur track in Shoreham-on-sea near Brighton. The track was a bit dusty on Saturday morning but the 9 electric and 29 nitro drivers booked in were really enjoying the sun, and didn’t seem to be in any rush to hit the track. Things really started around 10 and by lunchtime lap times started going down. Anything in the 13.5s would be seen as a very good lap in nitro and low 14s would be very decent in electric. Would additive make a big difference this weekend? The sticky pitlane seemed to indicate that more people would now be using it. The sun stayed out for the whole afternoon, with the occasional chilly wind.

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Overnight rain meant that the track was still wet in the morning but the sun was drying it out quickly. The practice round started straight after warm up, with round 1 at 10am as usual. In nitro the usual culprits were leading the way and the battle for TQ would be between David Spashett, Tim Wood, Alex Thurston, Andy Hastings and Jason Frost as they were top 5 in the morning. Mark Green was absent. We were treated to nice overtaking moves, daring overtaking moves and a few optimistic curbs that saw some of the cars flying high… After round 4 Tim (Shepherd) would be TQ, followed by Alex (Serpent) and David (ARC). In electric the battle for TQ would be between Craig Nutting (ARC), Paul Bellinger (Serpent) and Dave Gerard (Serpent), with Craig on TQ at the end of qualifying. Congratulations to Graham Jones for winning the C, followed by Jonathon Melton (AKA Bubble) and John Ashcroft. Congratulations also to Steven Smith for winning the B, followed by Andy Mollett and Grumpy Chris Simons.

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Electric Winners

There were intense battles for 30 minutes in the A final, which Tim (Shepherd) won with 125 laps and a 13.36 best, 2 laps ahead of second place Neal King (Capricorn). John Carr (Shepherd) was 3rd. David and Andy had to retire from the race at an early stage. Congratulations to Tim and Nicola for their 2nd win out of 2, making Tim the championship leader. In electric an intense battle between Craig and Paul started the finals and Craig took the win, followed by Paul and David. There was good racing amongst the top 5 but Craig had the edge. Round 3 will be at the Halifax track on the 13th May. Keep on racing.

The event was streamed online live with great commentary from David Church.

By Franck and Matthieu