BRCA 1/8th Circuit – Round 9 National Report.

1/8th Circuit

With the racing season drawing to a close, the BRCA 1/8th Circuit section headed to the northern venue of Wombwell Model Car Club, with rain forecast on the Sunday.

Saturday practice stayed dry with Tim Wood, Andy Hastings and Neal King looking very quick.

Come Sunday all the dry practice would be irrelevant as the rain arrived, very few drivers went out to set times in the early rounds of qualifying, it wasn't until round 4 when the track was starting to dry that all drivers went onto circuit to set their best times.

The top 10 after qualifying were as follows:

1          Andrew Hastings        13/305.150

2          Tim Wood                   13/306.071

3          John Carr                     13/308.012

4          Neal King                    13/314.359

5          Richard Hicklin           13/318.279

6          Steve Scott                  13/322.942

7          Andrew North             13/322.191

8          Chris Simons               11/305.225

9          Wayne Briggs              11/311.725

10        James Healey              11/313.886

Heading into the final the majority of the track was dry, yet the high speed sweeper onto the straight retained a few wet patches just off the racing line, this was to catch a few drivers by surprise, at one point during the final only five cars were running, Neal King was to finish victorious with an impressive drive to win the final with only three shock absorbers attached to his Capricorn C802.

The final results:

1          Neal King                    93/1802.605

2          Andrew Hastings        92/1809.061

3          Tim Wood                   90/1805.482

4          Richard Hicklin           82/1812.452

5          Chris Simons               69/1451.942

6          Wayne Briggs              62/1815.736

7          Steve Scott                  40/1800.562

8          Andrew North             23/910.448

9          James Healey              7/651.079

10        John Carr                     7/704.028

2016 BRCA 1/8 National Series Results are as follows:

National Championship:                     GP2:                                        GP3:

1          Mark Green                             1          Daniel Ludena 1          Matthieu Dambrine

2          Andrew Hastings                    2          James Healey              2          Ryszard Kozakiewicz

3          Neal King                                3          Steve Smith                 3          George Briggs

4          Tim Wood                              

5          Richard Hicklin                      

6          John Carr                                

7          David Spashett                       

8          Clive Connolly                       

9          Michael Walton                      

10        Sam Snell