BRCA 8th Circuit Section AGM

1/8th Circuit

The BRCA 8th Circuit Section hereby give notice that it will be holding its AGM on Saturday 6th October 2018 at 4pm at the following location:-The Cafe @ Brookland Circuit


The Cafe @ Brookland Circuit

The Camp



 TN29 9TF

All proposals must be sent by email only using the  BRCA AGM proposal document which can be downloaded from the BRCA website.

The proposal must be seconded by another BRCA member and either the proposer or seconder must attend the Section AGM otherwise your proposal will not be heard.

You are required to include with your proposal your reasoning behind the proposal.

 This must be submitted along with your direction on how you consider your proposal is to be to implement and if required methods by which your proposed rule change is to be enforced to ensure compliance.

All proposals must be emailed direct to the section secretary

by the Midnight on Saturday August 18th 2018.

Any proposals received after this cut off will not be heard but may instead be deferred until the 2019 BRCA 8th Circuit Section AGM

Ian Billett

BRCA 8th Circuit Secretary

July 5th 2018