Hastings and Baker win BRCA – 1/8 Circuit National Round 2 – 2016 (Sponsored by YMC Racing)

1/8th Circuit

The second round of the BRCA Circuit Championship took place at the high speed circuit of Mendip R/C Raceway, created in 1977 the circuit was made to challenge the 2WD drive cars of the day, and allow corners to by taken at high speed, this means with a modern 4WD chassis it is very much a power circuit, thus a great engine and big brass sphere's are required to get around the circuit at full speed as the circuit is lined with concrete barriers, making this a circuit to be respected.

Greeted by a cold but dry circuit, practice got under way on the Saturday! With Neal King setting the pace on the Saturday with the usual drivers of Tim Wood, Andy Hastings, John Carr and the returning David Spashett all looking fast, it was going to be a close qualifying and race come Sunday!

Sunday morning was once again cold but dry with qualifying unfolding as expected, the top ten lined up as follow:

Neal King - 20 / 312.249
Tim Wood - 20 / 312.776
Andy Hastings - 19 / 301.230
John Carr - 19 / 301.377
Clive Connolly - 19 / 305.027
David Spashett - 19 / 305.298
Richard Hicklin - 19 / 305.778
Giorgio Acanfora - 19 / 308.432
Sam Snell - 19 / 309.810
Jason Frost - 19 / 310.224

As the final got under way, Jason Frost was caught up in a first lap incident and didn't complete any laps, Neal King stormed away at the start but was caught out by a belt failure, Tim Wood was to succumb to the same fate but the opposing end of the cars belt was to fail. Soon to become a race of attrition as John Carr's clutch started to slip causing him to loose power out of the corners, it quickly became a two horse race between Richard Hicklin and Andy Hastings with Hastings finishing a full lap in front of Hicklin, he recovers from a disastrous round 1 to continue to be a title favourite.

1/8 Nitro Final Results:

Andrew Hastings - 108 / 1800.163
Richard Hicklin - 107 / 1811.707
John Carr - 106 / 1811.182
Sam Snell - 103 / 1808.794
Clive Connolly - 99 / 1800.863
Giorgio Acanfora - 72 / 1463.577
David Spashett - 63 / 1807.253
Tim Wood - 31 / 523.781
Neal King - 10 / 176.359
Jason Frost - DNF

nitro podium

In the electric class Mathew Baker laid down a master class in domination, taking pole position in qualifying and winning both legs of the finals, with Paul Bellinger taking second place and James Ellice taking the final podium spot in both finals the results were as follows:

Mathew Baker 2 Points
Paul Bellinger 4 Points
James Ellice 6 Points
John Russell 9 Points
Franck Dambrine 9 Points


Special thanks to Mike Manning at YMC Racing for sponsoring the event https://www.ymcracing.com/

electric podium