Wood makes it Three in a Row and Paton takes first Electric win

1/8th Circuit

The third round of the BRCA 1/8th Circuit championship saw us make the trip north to Halifax and arguably one of the best, if not the best facility, in the country for outdoor circuit racing.


There was the usual size entry of around 50 drivers, with three quarters running nitro and the remaining in the electric class. Saturday was practice day where drivers fine-tuned setups. In the electric class Craig Woods, Jamie Paton and Paul Bellinger, running the Serpent chassis, were looking like the pace setters along with winner of round 1 and 2 Craig Nutting, running the ARC chassis.

In the nitro class it would be a close battle between Alex Thurston, Tim Wood and Andy Hastings with Neal King and John Carr also looking quick.

Come Sunday qualifying saw a few top drivers struggling to complete the five minutes as they were running low on fuel as they pushed the limits of the engines. As every round went by the more grippy the track became, although the temperature was increasing. Clive Connolly and Steve Scott had noticeably good days, taking 5th and 9th overall. Tim Wood just edged out Alex Thurston to pole and John Carr put his Shepherd car 3rd on the grid. Neal King left it until the last round with a fuel stop to take the final spot in the A-final and knocking Michael Walton down with his new XRAY to BQ. Stewart McLeod and Bjorn Baldwin had good showings qualifying into the B final. Later Stewart went on to achieve a great 3rd place podium with his Shepherd car.

In the electric class, Craig Nutting was in a class of his own to take pole by a big margin. The Serpents of Craig Woods and Jaime Paton were his main challengers, coming 2nd and 3rd. Neil Wallace put it amongst the regulars to start 4th for the finals, meanwhile Matthieu Dambrine ensured he would also compete in the A-final.

Electric finals

Leg one saw a few coming together that left Craig Woods out front to take the win. Jamie set the fastest lap but had to settle for second and Craig Nutting came home third after some bad luck with traffic. In Leg two the luck was with Jamie Paton as the two Craig’s took each other off, giving Jamie a clear lead of over half a lap. He was able to drive consistently and smoothly to hold off Craig Nutting with Craig Woods third. So, Jamie Paton took his first electric win from Craig Woods and Craig Nutting ended up third.

Electric Class A-final

  1. Jamie Paton – Serpent
  2. Craig Woods – Serpent
  3. Craig Nutting – ARC
  4. Simon Parish – Shepherd
  5. Matthieu Dambrine – ARC
  6. John Russell – Serpent
  7. David Gerard – Serpent
  8. Paul Bellinger – Serpent
  9. Vincent Menzies – Serpent
  10. Neil Wallace - Serpent

Electric B- final winner - Adrian Dew

Nitro Finals

The A-final was going to be a close race of strategy and with Steve Lander on the mic doing commentating the atmosphere was electric. The top two had a game of cat and mouse throughout the race with only a couple of seconds separating them. Andy Hastings was also not far off their pace, about half a lap behind. Further down the order John Carr, Clive Connolly and Richard Hicklin retired early on. Neal King started at a frantic pace and made his way through the field until he met his match in Capricorn team mate Jason Frost as they battled for fourth. So out front Tim Wood led the majority of the race until he hit the end of the pit exit, losing valuable time and allowing Alex to lead for a short while. Alex then also made an error as his pitman (Dad) put the car down and he accelerated too early sending the car through the air. This put things back in order although Alex had now dropped a way back. In the remaining last two minutes a mistake onto the straight damaged his car further, allowing Andy Hasting through to second and Alex had to bring his car round to third. So, Tim Wood made it three wins from three races with his new Shepherd/Picco package and a clear favourite for the title again.


Nitro Class A-final

  1. Tim Wood – Shepherd
  2. Andrew Hastings – Shepherd
  3. Alex Thurston – Serpent
  4. Jason Frost – Capricorn
  5. Neal King – Capricorn
  6. Andrew North – ARC
  7. Steve Scott – Serpent
  8. Richard Hicklin – Serpent
  9. Clive Connolly – ARC
  10. John Carr - Shepherd

Other Nitro Winners

B Final  – Chris Simons

C Final  -  Austin Elliott

D Final – John Ashcroft