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Welcome Page to Bike Section on BRCA website Introduction from the Chairman of the Bike Section

Welcome to the world of RC Bike Racing. Are you looking for something a little different from the norm? Then RC Bike Racing could be the new challenge you are looking for. They look fantastic on the track with extreme lean angles, power slides and wheelies and offer a unique spectacle in any weather – wet or dry – whilst battling for every inch of the track.

For those who are current members of the class – we hope you have an enjoyable and competitive seasons racing. For new comers to the class – we welcome you to the section and encourage you to engage with other racers and ask any questions that you may have.

New features to our section for the 2018 season will be the introduction of the MotoGP class (formerly known as Superbike) using a 10.5 brushless motor from the approved BRCA current EB list and blinky non-turbo speed controllers. Alternatively we have the Moto2 class using a 17.5 brushless motor and blinky non-turbo speed controller and the re-introduction of side cars which will continue to conform to the existing rules.

The 2018 season will also see the introduction of new single booking system via the BRCA website. This will simplify the profile for all – further details can be found later in this section.

We have an exciting calendar for 2018 providing a good geographical spread of circuits across the country.


As an ex motor cycle racer, with full sized 2 wheel racing firmly in my blood, I found that once introduced to RC bikes I was hooked and it served to revive my competitiveness in RC racing. I believe it is the ultimate RC racing discipline with the unique quality of being the only category to deliberately balance on 2 wheels. With ever evolving bike designs and technology that enhances close competitive racing combined with a strong fun factor, there has never been a better time to get yourself an RC bike and come and join the gang. If it’s a true challenge that you are seeking then there is no better place to find it than RC Bike racing.

I look forward to seeing you trackside for the 2018 season. Alan Leighton – Chairman

Round 4 and we're at the North's premiere track, Halifax. This was to be the first of 2 Nationals involving 2 sections working and racing together over the weekend. There was a little trepidation as to how this would work out, but first fears were unfounded, as both Saturday practice and Sunday racing went ahead very smoothly for both sections. Personally, I was particularly impressed with the courtesy, conduct and professionalism of the Large scale onroad section and both sections were very good at keeping to their allotted practice slots on the Saturday.

Ross Bertlet Pole man

The 2018 Bike section season Sponsored by MOTOUK finally got underway at Adur the wet weather to provide some amazing riding control despite the conditions.

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