Bike Section Adur National Round 2

PCR 18 Bike Paul Jenkinson


The 2018 Bike section season Sponsored by MOTOUK finally got underway at Adur the wet weather to provide some amazing riding control despite the conditions.


The classes that were completing as follows: MotoGPe, Moto2 MotoGPN and a great return of the Sidecars. Round one got underway with a very wet track but with full rain tires it can produce good grip if you hold your nerve, as this was well proved during the day.Moto2 was out first with a steady run from Alan Leighton taking TQ and closely followed by Gary Sims and Dave Richards covering the top three, following was the MotoGPe with MR Neal Vater making it look easy to take the top spot and the MOTOGPN nitro class going to John Veal. the over the weekend with great support from our hardy bike members battling through. Sidecars were well supported with seven entered but the weather did prove to be hard going on the day but Martin Woodcock taking the first blood set the down the time to beat. Rounds two and three the weather hadn't changed to much the order in the MOTO2 was so with Gary Sims improving his time and Paul Jenkinson on his new PCR 18 machine on the move into 3rd spot and Dave Richards close behind. Unfortunately, as day rolled on due to the weather we did have some wet weather electronic casualties and we hope their back on the track very soon racing. Onto the final round of qualifying then with a track now starting to dry out slightly it was to see how this would unfold.

Ross Bartlet got the drop on everyone with a stunning run to take Pole position in MOTO2 a clear one second faster and Gary Sims and Dave Richards with Alan Leighton and Paul Jenkinson not far behind. Alex Wyn and Pete Vater completed the top line up. MOTOGPe would see Neal Vater on pole with Mark Plested and MOTOGPN was to be John Veal following by Ken Gospel and Karl Boak in 3rd spot. Sidecars was Martin Woodcock, Ken Gospel, Paul Jenkinson and John Veal for the final line up.

So on to the finals, two legs for everyone and with now a damp and very greasy track patients was going to be the key and hold your nerve for the next ten minutes. In the MOTO2 class the riders got under way and changing position trying to find the grip on every corner and from 5th on the grid came Alex Wynn holding every line and making ground on every lap. Ross Bartlet had some electric issues forcing him to keep stopping with Gary and Dave battling away, while Alan at the back of the field kept the marshals busy and well entertained. As the laps went by Alex kept making ground to keep the lead and to take the win in the A final. A fine performance to collect his first National Win. Dave Richards taking 2nd and Gary in 3rd.

Leg two could Alex repeat his first race result as they got underway it going to be close as now everyone had an idea of the grip and changes made to the conditions. Alex got away well but so did Ross and was going to be a race on but with Alex losing the rear on the hairpin it left a gap for Ross to move through. The gremlins struct again with Ross’s bike and Gary moved up closely followed by Dave, Alan was making up ground in 4th spot. Into the last few laps then Gary keeping his lead and Alex chasing hard to leave Dave and Alan making the best they could, Gary taking the win from Alex and Alan pinching third place from Dave made for a great race.

Both MOTOGPN and MOTOGPe ran together with a steady display for John Veal taking the win with Ken in 2nd and Neal Vater winning the MOTOGPe class.

Sidecar A final was light on the grid due to again the electric issues but never the less was good racing between the three regulars of Martin, John and Ken. Close racing between all three with Martin and Ken battling it out corner by corner giving them a Race win each. This is going to be a great season battle in the sidecar class.

So, after a soggy but a very enjoyable weekend in the Bike Section National Championship we are now full underway with our season and plenty more close racing ahead.

We would like to thank the Adur Club for hosting our race meeting Gary and Steve for Race control and scrutineering, fantastic job guys as ever. Our Sponsor MOTOGB and finally you the Members for all your support and attendance keeping the Bike section going strong. Next round is Cotswolds for round 3 we hope to see you all there.

Results Overall:

       MOTO2                           MOTOGPe              MOTOGPN                    SIDECARS

  1. Alex W                     1 Neal Vater              1 John Veal                   1 Martin Woodcock
  2. Gary Sims                  2 Mark Plested         2 Ken Gospel                2 Ken Gospel      
  3. Dave Richards                                              3 Karl Boak                    3 John Veal
  4. Alan Leighton
  5. Ross Bartlet

Full results will be available on the BRCA website shortly.

Alan Leighton Chairman.

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