Cotswolds Domination @Halifax Bikes National


Round 4 and we're at the North's premiere track, Halifax. This was to be the first of 2 Nationals involving 2 sections working and racing together over the weekend. There was a little trepidation as to how this would work out, but first fears were unfounded, as both Saturday practice and Sunday racing went ahead very smoothly for both sections. Personally, I was particularly impressed with the courtesy, conduct and professionalism of the Large scale onroad section and both sections were very good at keeping to their allotted practice slots on the Saturday.

So to bike practice - Although Saturday was forecast rain, we didn't see any real wet stuff till later in the day. Prior to the that we enjoyed warm afternoon sunshine, warm track and the start of a good build up of rubber from the soft tyres on the minis and saloons. Grip was excellent with maximum lean angles used on all classes.

Gary Sims was the early tester of the conditions and was able to get a good deal of practice with his planted moto2 bike throughout the day, with John Veal and Ken Gospel getting to grips with the GRP R2 shod RG nitro bikes.

Once Alan Leighton, Matt Book and 2nd round winner Alex Wynn arrived,  along with the full Cotswold crew, things really started to hot up.

During the day two new hopefuls arrived, Halifax club member Chris Foster to pick up and test his new used bike and is keen to get practicing. Chris was overjoyed at how the bike looked with brand new bodywork and excellent paint job.

Also Richard Brazier stayed the entire weekend to learn more about the bikes and also kindly helped out with marshalling and scrutineering duties all day Sunday. What nice Guys.

Sunday qualifying started early, with 2 heats of electric followed by 1 heat of nitro. The early cool track was not at it's most gripiest and caught a few people out with too much lean. By now Derek McLarney had arrived, along with nitro man Martin Woodcock. But it was Gary Sims' RG to take top slot with a best 3 of 76.10.

In nitro Ken Gospel and John Veal battled race long, with John just getting it and a best 3 of 78.59.

By round 2 the rubber laid down and with increasing track temperature meant maximum lean was back on the menu.  Everyone improved, with Peter Vater finally getting his finger out and posting the first 20 lapper and 71.17. And John V in nitro with a 74.46.

Round 3 and 4 saw more improvements, with Gary Sims eventually getting pole, Peter Vater 2nd  and Ross Bartlet 3rd.

Finals - 2 groups,  Nitro and B final moto2 together and A final Moto2.

A final leg 1 was a close and intense race after Pole sitter Gary dropped off the pace, leaving the Cotswold crew in charge and ending with Peter, Neal and Ross in that order. Ross having the only crash out of these 3, losing position only on the last lap.

Ross made up for it in leg 2, with a faultless win followed by Peter and a fast charging Gary Sims.

This left Peter Vater the overall moto 2 winner

In the B final / nitro, John put in his best ever Halifax nitro lap to take the win from Ken and Martin in leg 1, with an even faster lap in leg 2, but suffered a sticking rear brake and a coming together with Martin sidelined John with a broken steering arm. Matt Book stuck it out with consistency to take the win, with Ken 2nd and Derek 3rd.

This left Ken Gospel the overall nitro winner.

Presentations were made from both sections and the bikes were kindly included in a Dremel raffle organised by the large scale section.

So, overall a very enjoyable 2 day meeting and we would like to thank the Halifax track and all that made it possible, Bev, Babs, Alan, Darren and all that entered. I hope we can enjoy a similar experience in the next round with the Large scale section at Mendip. 


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