2015-16 BRCA F1 Control Tyre

1/12th Circuit GT

The GT Circuit section can now announce the control tyre for the 2015/16 BRCA GT National Series F1 Class (5 Hours and 2000 laps later). At the 2015 EGM, the floor voted for the committee to find a suitable control tyre for the F1 National series, This needed to have a balance of price, performance, availability and fitment.


received 10153604591709083 Unlike other classes for example 1/12 LMP where there is a near "industry standard fitment" for wheels, F1 doesnt have that yet. We held an "open" testing event at Swifts Raceway on August 23rd, we invited drivers of all abilities to turn up and run 4 different set of tyres from 3 manufactures.

We asked the drivers to try not and focus on what may be the "fastest" tyre, but give us feedback as to the feel and balance shift across the sets.

Following this test we are pleased to announce:

GRP GFX10-S2 and GFX20-S2 as the 2015/16 BRCA Control Tyre

Note ONLY the carbon aluminium effect wheels will be permitted.

GRP Tyres Spec Sheet

Tyres will be marked and checked by officials before the meeting's commence, if any tyres are deemed to have been tampered with in their construction, they will be held for inspection.

Tyre side wall decals may be applied and only tyre additive from the BRCA list will be permitted. No other modifications are permitted.

These are available to buy in the UK currently from DMS racing, Elite RC, Demon, Swifts and Mbmodels, they can also be purchased from GRP in Italy (3 Day UK Serivice).

***Please note shops are due deliveries from 09/09/2015***