BRCA GT Nationals 16/17 Round 4 - Report

1/12th Circuit GT

Round 4 of the BRCA GT Nationals continued on the 5th of March at Swifts Raceway near Sheffield. This event would see a change in format with all 3 classes running on the same day.

In GT10 Andy Murray would set the pace throughout qualifying and line up on pole. His closest competition would come from Craig Nutting who was followed by Mark Christopher.

The Final would see Andy and Craig break away from the rest on the opening lap. Such was Andy dominance the gap to Craig would increase early on, With Andy in cruise mode in the latter stages of the race Craig would be able to reduce the gap to finish just 1 second behind. Mark Christopher would hold onto 3rd, Nick Upton would make his way into 4th from 7th on the grid and Robert Hill made up one place to complete the top 5.

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F1 would be a lot more mixed with a group of drivers all capable of getting Tq. Early on, last rounds winner Ollie Payne and previous podium finisher Niall Cochran would struggle. Rounds 1 and 2 would see Luke Lee taking the top spot from James Wright and Stephen Lander. Round 3 would see a massive improvement from Niall to finish 2nd behind Luke. Michael Lee would make into 3rd and Championship elect James Greener improving his time to 4th. Ollie Still struggling down in 7th.
In round 4 On his way round to the starting position it was clear to see Luke had an electrical problem with reduced power. He would not run in this round, but could anyone beat his Tq time? Early on it looked like Niall was going to, until an error just catching a corner flapper, upsetting the car and required marshalling. Ollie Payne finally got the run he needed to finish first in the heat but still 2.5 seconds of Luke's previous time. James Wright also put in a good time to qualify 3rd from Niall in 4th and James Greener in 5th.

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The Final would see the top 5 getting away in grid order for the first lap, an early mistake from Luke would allow Ollie into the lead, the pair would battle hard for the 6 minutes, with Luke having a couple of chances when Ollie put his car on 2 wheels but neither saw a change of position, James wright was holding 3rd from Niall for most of the race, A small mistake by Niall made the gap even bigger and meant he had to defend from James Greener. A mistake by James G would see an end to his challenge for 4th. A few Laps later James Wright would need marshalled allowing Niall into 3rd, Niall would defend James for the remaining minutes to finish 3rd. James Greener completing the top 5.

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GT12 had a super competitive field of 90 drivers, In round 1 it was Andy Murray who set the initial pace, closely followed by Ollie Payne and Adam Catchpole. The track was getting faster and faster every round so the overall positions wouldn't be decided until round 4. Ollie Payne managed to Tq rounds 2,3 and 4 to line up pole in the A final. Ollie and Andy were incredibly close in qualifying all day. The Margin at the end of qualifying was 1 tenth of second! Aidan Ripley had a super fast last round and would line up 3rd in front of Ben Vincent, Adam Catchpole would complete the top 5.

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In the final Ollie lead the pack away closely followed by Andy and Aidan until a mistake by Andy on lap 4 would drop him to 7th. Ollie now had a gap of a few seconds from Aidan and Ben, they also had a gap to Greg Williams and Adam Catchpole. Ollie stayed out in front for the entire race with very little pressure from behind to take the win from Aidan. Ben closed in to finish 3rd just 3 tenths off Aidan. Mark Jewitt finished 4th and Andy Murray recovered to 5th.

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Well done to all the drivers, Team Swifts and Jon Provost


The final round of the Championship will be held at MB models on the 1st and 2nd of April.

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