GT12 Nationals Round 2 Race Report - Eastbourne

1/12th Circuit GT

Murray wins in Eastbourne. 

The GT12 Championship rolled down to Eastbourne for the weekend of Oct 8-9th. The race meeting was on Sunday with open practice on Saturday including the F1 nationals. Sunday morning started with a relaxed feel and we all pitted in the race hall, this brought us all together and made the day very enjoyable. We started at a leisurely 9am and got underway with practice. We had a few rogue transponders to sort out, but Darren on race control soon had that sorted and the practice showed that the abilities were very well organized over the 6 heats. We had a total of 38 racers taking part, unfortunately we had a couple of no shows but this didn't affect the racing on the day. We had a brief drivers’ meeting and got heat 1 under way at 10:15am.


Qualifying round 1.

Andy Murray showed his pace from the off, closely followed by Mark Jewitt and Stuart Rand.

After round 1 we had the top 10 drivers split by 2 laps, with 3 juniors and 2 over 50s in the top 10.


Qualifying round 2.

More of the same, Andy taking the top spot with an improved time, Daniel Robins finding a good run and Mark Jewitt taking 3rd. We still had 3 juniors in the top 10 and 2 over 50s.


Qualifying round 3.

This round saw more small improvements and the positions did not change other than Ewan Thompson moving into 10th and another junior jumping into the top 10.


Qualifying round 4.

This was the round to step up the game. We saw improvements and Joseph Moore and Matt Hunter dropped Ewan and David Gale into the B final.


D Final

This was a good race to watch as most of the drivers were quite new to GT12 and the national scene. We ended up with quite a few changes in the first 2 mins and as the field spread to the 6 mins we saw Jason Horstead, in his first year bringing the win home, closely followed by Clint Moody and Gavin Thorogood coming home in 3rd. Chris Taylor and Gareth Canterford finished the final and I hope we see them at more events in the future.


C Final

This was a close race and did have a fair bit of contact, once the drivers got used to the 10 car final, they then got spaced out and racing began. It was nice to see the previous GT12 chairman enjoying his racing and he managed 8th starting from 7th. Nathan Wilson started on pole and took the win by a lap, he managed to avoid the accidents behind him and drove to the line unhindered. Second place went to Mathew Norkett starting from 4th, he got through the traffic and was on his own for most of the race. Third went to Caleb Moore from starting second. 4th,5th and 6th were split by 7 seconds and at times were a lot closer.


B Final

David Gale won from pole in a start to finish run, no incidents and was closely followed by junior Ewan Thompson 2 secs behind at the line. 3rd place went to Mark Keen a further 10 seconds down the field. The racing was quite spread out and the final covered 6 laps in total.


A Final

Andy Murray drove a line-to-line run, he had a back marker issue 2 laps from the end, but still won by 3 seconds from Daniel Robins in second. 3rd place was Mark Jewitt, a further 2 seconds behind. Stuart Rand (4), Joseph Moore (5) and Barry Lynch (6) were all on the same lap and got caught up with traffic and questionable driving in the final. Barry was in third at one time and just needed to keep Mark Jewitt behind him, something he couldn't maintain. Oscar Keen (7th), Matthew Gammons (8th) and Matt Hunter (9th) were split by 1.3 secs at the line and Finley Whitelock completed the 10.


A Final Result

1                   Andy Murray - Schumacher

2                   Daniel Robins - Schumacher

3                   Mark Jewitt - Destiny

4                   Stuart Rand - Destiny

5                   Joseph Moore - Schumacher

6                   Barry Lynch - Schumacher

7                   Oscar Keen - Schumacher

8                   Matthew Gammons - Schumacher

9                   Matt Hunter - Schumacher

10                 Finley Whitelock - Schumacher



I'd just like to acknowledge the over 50s and juniors at this event, they all drove well and are making this an interesting championship category. This goes to show that whatever age, ability, financial background, there is a race format for you and we look forward to continued competition over the next 4 rounds of the championship.

I'd like to thank Darren and the Eastbourne club, not for just putting the event on for us but for trusting us, the new committee who have organized the whole series in a short time, and with most of us not doing a position like this before.


Now onto Tamworth for Round 3 and a very full house. 

Tamworth also have a race event on the Saturday evening, if you want extra practice.


Race Report Courtesy of Ian Robins