GT Nationals 19-20 Rounds 5 & 6 Chesterfield Race Report

1/12th Circuit GT

Wins for Murray and Mackman in Season Finale.


The final two rounds of the BRCA GT12 National Championship were held this weekend, at the CARS (Chesterfield Auto Racing Society) Club in Chesterfield.

The format for the Championship means the weekend was a “Double Header”, with Saturday and Sunday being separate rounds of the championship. Excellent turnout, and combining meetings with the F1 Indoor Championship, meant the event was competitive, and grip was good on track. The track the club had laid out was very flowing , yet surprisingly technical to drive, meaning that a good time was had by those of all abilities.


Saturday’s racing saw close competition in the GT12 class. Andy Murray was the man to catch from the get go, with a lead of 0.6s in round 1 of qualifying, leading from Adam Mackman, and Nathan Goodban. Round 2 saw Andy extend this lead to a lap.This proved to be unassailable, with Andy taking FTQ, with 29 Laps in 370.57s. (GT12 races are 6 mins long). Adam Mackman took P2, with super-fast junior Dan Robins taking 3rd position from Nathan Goodban in the final qualifying round.

Finals proved similarly full of surprises; Dan Robins making a mistake and dropping to 10th in turn 1. Nathan Goodban managed to squeeze past Adam Mackman, to take 2nd place. Andy Murray continued to be pushed hard by Nathan and Adam, eventually being able to build a small lead, but around 3s covering 1st to 3rd place for the entire race. A push from Nathan in the last 2 minutes took inroads out of Andy’s lead, but proved to not quite be enough.

This meant that Andy had gained the Championship, as while Nathan and he were equal on points going in to this meeting, both having a 1st and 2nd place each, even if Nathan won Sunday, keeping the points tied, Andy would win on tie-break, having more FTQ spots. Congratulations Andy!


GT12 A Final Round 5 Result

1st Andy Murray
2nd Nathan Goodban
3rd Adam Mackman
4th Matthew Gammons
5th John Simpson
6th James Taylor
7th Alex King
8th Stan French
9th Daniel Robins
10th Scott Morton


GT12 also sees many Junior Competitors racing; their separate championship calculated on qualifying positions throughout the day.


Top three Juniors on Saturday were:

1st Daniel Robins
2nd Ewan Thompson
3rd Sam Coult

Moving on to Sunday’s racing, and again the GT12 competition was fast and fierce, with drivers applying what they had learned from the circuit on Saturday and with consistent grip from the off.

Andy choosing to concentrate on the F1 Championship on Sunday, meant Nathan Goodban was able to capitalise in GT12, bettering Andy’s Saturday FTQ time in Round 1 – 29 laps in 368.08s. Times dropped over the day, Nathan eventually taking FTQ with 29 laps 363.25s, with Adam Mackman in the 2nd spot, squeezing Matthew Gammons into 3rd by 0.1s!

In the Final Race, Nathan had a slip off the line, dropping immediately to 3rd and then 4th in the first lap. He immediately began pushing hard to claw back the lost time claiming back 3rd place about halfway through the race, continuing to push hard. Daniel Robins was able to squeeze by Matthew Gammons, and continued to push hard, pressuring Adam Mackman for the lead. The closing stages of the race saw Adam leading from Dan by a hair, and an issue passing through backmarkers meaning Matthew Gammons was able to take 3rd from Nathan in the last seconds.


GT12 A Final Round 6 Result

1st Adam Mackman
2nd Daniel Robins
3rd Matthew Gammons
4th Nathan Goodban
5th George Brewer
6th John Simpson
7th James Taylor
8th Jonathan Simblet
9th Scott Morton
10th Alex King

Sunday’s Junior Championship was also again hotly contested, with positions from qualifying times:


1st Daniel Robins
2nd Sam Coult
3rd Ewan Thompson

That is the conclusion of this year’s BRCA GT12 Championship series. Final Championship positions will be collated and trophies presented at the AGM, at the Tamworth Grand Prix on 25th April.
Many thanks to CARS, who put on an excellent meeting as always.