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2018 Large Scale Off Road - An abrupt end to our season

Large Scale Off Road

Last weekend our 2018 season finished a few hours earlier than scheduled thanks to the  storms and high winds battering the UK.

With 70% of the drivers on site Friday night the decision was made to run the meeting, (when other clubs were cancelling) with everyone enjoying a warm evening socialising by the open fire & old faces appearing to relive old times.


The forecast for the weekend was changing all of the times and those who turned up Saturday morning encountered temperatures around 23 degrees where the original forecast was for a damp day.

Despite a great practice session and the first round of qualification being done in summer like conditions, the evening drew to a formal close with Craig Orman filling the drivers in about this years EFRA proposals and the 2019 LSOR venue. Unfortunately the light rain originally forecast for Sunday turned into heavy rain Sunday morning and with the weather being forecast to remain torrential until early afternoon, the drivers briefing turned into a vote on what we should do:

  • Run the meeting
  • Cancel the meeting and rerun it
  • Cancel the meeting and use  qualifying positions from rnd 1 as the round points or abandon the meeting and award the 2018 championship titles based on the end of round 7 standings.

With a few drivers voting to race, the majority of attendees voted to abandon the meeting and as such the 2018 LSOR tittles are awarded as of a 7 round series.

This is the first time in over 15 years we have had to cancel a meeting on race day. The last time this happened was during the finals at the old Warstone track when the area was hit by thunder and  lightning just has our main finals started and about 8 years ago we had to cancel our opening round due to the snow but this meeting was re run.

Before congratulating this years winners I would like to announce that for those drivers who paid and participated in round 8 on the Saturday then for round 1 in 2019 any junior attendee will be free and there will be a reduction in the 2019 race fee of £5 for round 1.

So the championship title winners are Jack Keatley in Short Course, Karl Norris in 2 Wheel drive and Ian Oddie in 4 Wheel drive. In the clubman championship Kevan Churchhill takes top clubman in 2WD, the 4WD clubman title goes to Les Darby and our Ken Dod look alike Martin Fitzpatrick take the short course honours.

I also wish to take the opportunity to thank the 2018 committee for their efforts, all the drivers for a great season has we travelled the country to some scenic settings during our championship and good luck to the juniors we have Ryan, Oliver, Zak and Brad, keep up the good work and congratulations to Ryan on taking the junior title and finishing two places higher than his dad 😊

I look forward to seeing you next season and welcome working with the 2019 committee elected at Ings last month.

If you cannot wait until next March for your next fix of LSOR racing then either visit your local track over the winter months but if you want to race indoor then get booked into the 2019 Zenoah Challenge Cup which is being run from the 8th to 10 february near Harrogate.


Darren Worth

BRCA 2018 LSOR Section Chairman

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